According to reports, Warner Bros. is not considering replacing Ezra Miller in The Flash.

Despite a pair of legal situations in Hawaii that caused controversy for actor Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. is apparently planning to keep him on the show. Miller first appeared in the DC Extended Universe as “The Fastest Man Alive” in cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad before becoming a bigger part of Justice League and finally getting his own film, The Flash. The solo project will go into Barry Allen’s past and is expected to tie in with the renowned Flashpoint comics narrative, which features multiple versions of Barry and might have major consequences for the entire DCEU.

While Miller has received praise for their comedic portrayal of the Flash, their real-life run-ins with the law have possibly tainted their fame. They were engulfed in scandal in 2020 after a video surfaced showing Miller choking a lady at an Icelandic bar, however the actor was not charged. Miller was recently detained after an altercation at a pub in Hawaii, then received a restraining order in a different incident, before getting arrested a second time—this time in Hawaii, for second-degree assault.

Fantastic Beasts 4: Will Ezra Miller Return?

Fans demanded that they be recast as the Flash and Credence Barebone in the Fantastic Beasts franchise due to the legal difficulties, leading to rumours that WB was trying to replace them. Despite the various controversies, Variety’s Senior Entertainment Writer Adam B. Vary has revealed that WB is not exploring such a move – at least for The Flash. Check out the following article:

The story debunks an unconfirmed allegation that WB executives were considering letting Miller go as the Scarlet Speedster. Vary makes no mention of the Harry Potter spinoff series, implying that despite WB’s silence on the Hawaii events, Miller may be considering leaving Fantastic Beasts on their own. The writer also notes that The Flash concluded production months ago, meaning that if Miller were to be replaced, the studio would have to reshoot the entire film, incurring a significant financial loss. If WB’s refusal to speak on the topic wasn’t enough proof of their devotion, they don’t want to spend too much money on reshoots so late in the post-production process.

While most of the turmoil surrounding Miller’s place in The Flash can be attributed to haphazard journalists and understandably upset fans, it appears that Warner Bros. is backing their star, if only for logistical and financial reasons. Though actors have been dismissed for far less, any moral stance on the subject is still unknown. Finally, it would be intriguing to see Grant Gustin or a completely new actor take Miller’s position in the DCEU, but the lack of penalties for their crimes does not appear to be causing the company any concern, instead providing free publicity for an already highly anticipated blockbuster film.

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