Boruto Proves Naruto’s Sasuke Never Deserved Sakura

Sasuke and Sakura are one of Naruto’s most prominent pairings, for better or worse, but Boruto reveals they’re far better apart. Though Sakura and Sasuke may have their own Naruto spinoff novel, the sequel series clearly shows that their relationship has severe issues.

Sakura has had a crush on Sasuke since she first met him. As a result, much of Sakura’s character development in Naruto’s first season was focused on her learning to be independent on others, particularly Sasuke. Unfortunately for her, her affections for Sasuke would never truly diminish, and his lack of interest in her would soon turn into seething resentment. Sasuke is notable for attempting to assassinate Sakura when she had her back to him, however he eventually apologised.Sasuke had finally seen the light and appeared to have made atonement by the end of Naruto. It all helped him to become a better person and, more importantly, a wonderful companion for Sakura. Unfortunately, by the time Boruto arrives, things have changed.

Boruto’s Sage Mode is far cooler than Naruto’s.

Boruto follows the next generation of ninjas, twelve years after Naruto. Sakura and Sasuke get married and have a daughter named Sarada in the future. Sarada, on the other hand, knows very little about Sasuke because he has been away on missions for most of her childhood. Sakura has been forced to raise Sarada as a single mom despite her marriage. Worse, Sakura feels obligated to hide for Sasuke’s history, frequently refusing to answer Sarada’s queries that would reveal that Sasuke committed war crimes.

While Sasuke has improved as a person by the time of Boruto, it is evident that his relationship with Sakura has failed. Sasuke’s constant absence from Naruto is due to his desire to atone for the numerous sins he committed there. That may be admirable, but abandoning his wife and daughter to make atonement is not. All of this contributes to Sakura becoming far more tragic than she needed to be. Her entire Naruto arc revolved around her crush on Sasuke. Naruto’s flash-forward may have given the impression that she finally got the happy ending she desired.It’s heartbreaking to see her pining for Sasuke after more than a decade, especially now that they have a child together. He makes an effort to be more active in his family’s lives after seeing how much his apparent apathy has harmed his daughter. If it hadn’t come a decade too late, it would be a touching gesture.

Despite the fact that Boruto has shortcomings, this relationship isn’t one of them. It would have been simple to give the couple the happy ending that so many fans desired. Boruto, on the other hand, makes their relationship far more complicated. Boruto made Sakura and Sasuke’s Naruto romance more sorrowful, but it also made it more exciting.

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