The Best Villain Redesign in Marvel History Was Iron Man’s

Multiple Iron Man enemies were given dramatic redesigns in a single comic book, including one of the best in Marvel Comics history, the Living Laser. Blizzard, Living Laser, Zeke Stane, Whirlwind, and Tony Stark’s Iron Man all got new armoured designs in Invincible Iron Man #524. While all of the outfits improved the villain’s old costumes and armors, Living Laser’s new outfit remains one of the best Marvel villain or hero redesigns ever.

Iron Man hasn’t faced many A-List villains, but he has faced some powerful adversaries over the years. Living Laser, a brilliant scientist who implants lasers into his skin, giving him a variety of abilities such as laser blasts, energy generation, and illusion generation, is one of them. Whirlwind was one of Iron Man’s first foes, and his rotating abilities allowed him to launch a variety of offensive and defensive attacks. Because the villain can emit freeze rays and manipulate the cold, there have been various variants of Blizzard. Finally, Zeke Stane is the son of the Iron Monger, a man who has reverse-engineered Stark technology and implanted it into his own body. What do all of these villains have in common? They did, however, all get huge armour enhancements at the same moment.

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Tony Stark and Zeke Stane were at Manadrin City in Marvel Comics’ Invincible Iron Man #524 by Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca, Frank D’Armata, and VC’s Joe Caramagna. The Madarin intended to employ Titanomechs in conjunction with his Ten Rings to sow havoc, prompting Iron Man and Stane to band together and fight back. Iron Man and Stane are able to enlist Living Laser, Blizzard, and Whirlwhind in their fight against the Mandarin, and all of the villains receive new armors. Blizzard, Living Laser, Iron Man, Zeke Stane, and Whirlwhind, from left to right.

The armors provided the villains with new modifications to their former out-of-date clothes, giving them a more modern style that avoided their iconic image. While not all of the appearances were permanent, one of them did. When fighting alongside Iron Man, the Living Laser would keep his new armour, which is still one of the best Marvel Comics redesigns ever. Marvel Legends even developed an action figure of the new group. Compare his previous, antiquated appearance to his new, sleek appearance.

Redesigning so many villains at once seldom results in so many amazing looks, but it did in this case, and it also resulted in one of the best new looks for a famous bad guy in Marvel Comics history. Living Laser’s appearance in Invincible Iron Man #524 resulted in a new armour for the villain, which is still seen in the comics today. The Iron Man villain’s appearance evolved from a complete joke to something really amazing and instantly distinct.

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