The Frozen 2 Theory Would Have Improved Kristoff’s Origin

One Frozen 2 idea, which was discredited after the film’s premiere, would have improved Kristoff’s origin. Kristoff’s past has never been revealed, except that he was raised by Rock Trolls from an early age and spent most of his time alone in the forest, harvesting ice to sell with his reindeer, Sven. Despite how many possibilities such a strange past presented, neither Frozen nor Frozen 2 built much on it. Kristoff never seemed to recall much about where he came from or what had happened to his parents.

Some viewers predicted that Frozen 2 would change that before its release. The plot was expanded outside of Arendelle in the film, when Elsa and Anna met the Northuldra, a people who resided within the Enchanted Forest. The many unknowns surrounding Northuldra in Frozen 2, as well as several intriguing connections between them and Kristoff, strengthened a belief that the two were linked. Both wore clothes inspired by Norway’s indigenous Sami tribes, and Kristoff formed a bond with one of the Northuldra when they found they communicate with reindeer in the same way. These appeared more than coincidental, but Frozen 2 did not confirm any such connection.

Kristoff’s Parents Are Still Alive in Frozen 3

Despite the fact that Frozen 2 immediately discredited the hypothesis when it was released, Kristoff’s story is worse without the Northuldra connection. In Frozen 2, his character was underdeveloped because his primary struggle was deciding when to propose to Anna. This story element was sweet, although it felt a little forced. As Anna became increasingly focused in assisting her sister, the couple spent much of the film apart. While it was pleasant to see Kristoff be such a kind and unselfish companion, he deserved to embark on his own adventure as well. Allowing him to investigate his origins would have given him considerably more depth, as well as finally addressing the long-standing question of why Kristoff was alone as a child.

The topic of Frozen 2 was already rediscovering one’s origins, as Elsa and Anna learned the truth about their parents’ last fateful voyage and where their mother originated from. It would have been quite thematically appropriate for Kristoff to learn more about his past. Of course, after knowing that Elsa and Anna’s mother was Northuldra, it could have been too convenient to have Kristoff’s parents be Northuldra as well. However, audiences have long been interested in Kristoff’s past prior to meeting the Rock Trolls. Given how many other questions regarding individuals’ backstories were revealed in the sequel, the mystery is even more obvious. It was difficult for Kristoff to embark on this voyage with his soon-to-be fiancée and sister-in-law, when they learn so much about their histories, and to seem uninterested in learning about his own.

The disproved Frozen 2 hypothesis might have answered a long-standing mystery in the Frozen films, improving Kristoff’s origin. Even unexpected, given the attention Frozen 2 paid to other characters’ backstories, leaving such an essential character’s past unexplored. Despite the fact that Frozen 3 has yet to be confirmed, a third film might fill in the gaps. Kristoff, like Elsa, deserves to know where he comes from.

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