Bots allegedly rigged Zack Snyder’s Oscar win.

Bots may have rigged Zack Snyder’s Oscar triumphs in 2022, which were driven by fan votes. The 94th Academy Prizes were divisive for a variety of reasons, including the decision to remove eight awards from the live broadcast in favour of new fan-voted categories. All of this came on the heels of the night’s most talked-about incident, which was not CODA’s historic Best Picture triumph, but rather the altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock, which resulted in Smith’s suspension from the Academy.

Many people were surprised by the fan-voted results, as Spider-Man: No Way Home did not win the two categories of Best Cheer Moment and Fan Favorite Movie of 2021, as many expected. Instead, they opted for Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Army of the Dead. Snyder rushed to social media to express his delight at the double triumph, which was the first time any of his films had won an Academy Award. Both films are now recognised Oscar winners on sites like IMDb as a result of the awards.

Despite not being nominated, Zack Snyder won big at the Oscars.

The validity of those votes is now in question, since it looks that the Academy’s Fan Favorite and Cheer Moment awards were manipulated by automated online accounts, according to a new article by The Wrap. There has been no official announcement. The most active contributors to the two polls, according to Tweetbinder, a hashtag analytics tracking tool, were autonomous online programmes that cast thousands of false votes. Meanwhile, David Kirsch, a University of Maryland professor who researches fan bots, Despite the fact that the pro-Snyder accounts “clearly do not look like they were generated by a real user,” he will not rule out the possibility that they are all bots. However, the Academy continues to stand by the poll findings. According to one insider, certain limitations were implemented, including a maximum of 20 votes per Twitter handle, accounts that were less than 24 hours old were barred from voting, and the results included votes cast on the Academy website, which clearly favoured Army of the Dead.

There’s no news on whether the Academy will keep the Fan Favorite and Cheer Moment awards for next year’s presentation, but if the report is accurate, the voting mechanism will undoubtedly change. It’s possible that the polls were rigged, as it was previously revealed that Camila Cabello fans voted in droves to propel the singer’s Amazon film Cinderella to the top of the Fan Favorite movie poll. This could also explain why Minamata, starring Johnny Depp and released on PVOD on February 11, 2022, came in third place in the Oscar Fan Favorite poll.

This isn’t the first time that bots have been able to rework a film’s plot in the public’s eyes. Nearly half of the criticism to The Last Jedi was said to be political trolling. Rotten Tomatoes had to disable the audience vote on films like Captain Marvel until after they were released in theatres due to coordinated review bombs. While Snyder’s films still have the Oscars title, the uncertain authenticity of the already contentious prize hangs over both Justice League and Army of the Dead.

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