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Media Claimed ‘Midterm Referendum on Trump’… Until Electorate Voted to Ratify Trump

As the supposed “blue wave” was building, numerous media personalities and pundits were claiming that the midterm elections were a “referendum” on President Trump and the actions of his Administration. Articles stating as much were running on the morning of the...

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resigns – Replacement Immediately Slammed by Political Left

Just one day following the midterm elections, the President of the United States has accepted the resignation of his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, as reported by CNBC. The Attorney General’s Chief of Staff, Matthew Whitaker, will serve as the acting Attorney...

Illegal Immigrants are NOT ‘subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ – Sign the Executive Order Already

President Trump has recently signaled that he is preparing to sign an executive order that will effectively end birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment for those who enter the United States illegally. Of course, this has caused uproar within Democrat circles,...

CNN’s Don Lemon Reveals Himself to be Absolute Racist – CNN Leadership Content

Not only does the anchor for CNN Tonight, Don Lemon, enjoy binge drinking on live television during New Year’s Eve celebrations while telling a women she has a “nice rack,” but he also thinks white men “are the biggest terror threat to this country.” Why, one might...


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