CNN proved themselves to be fake news or at the very least, satire news for alt left Democrats and liberals. CNN has been caught reporting fake news, an accusation they repeatedly rebuffed when accused numerous times by President Trump and company. In an effort make the narrative they have been running with since the election of President Donald Trump come true, they decided to make up an entire story about Anthony Scaramucci and “his alleged ties to a Russian investment fund.” The only problem is that there were never ANY ties to Russia with regards to Scaramucci and to this point, anyone within the Trump campaign. A 25 minute meeting with a lawyer who is a Russian national, admitted into the country by President Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch under “extraordinary circumstances,” hardly fits the bill either.

This is far more than just a “black eye” for CNN, as reported by USA Today. This is a major hit to their credibility as a credible news network and whether or not Americans can trust anything that is allowed to get published on CNN with regard to politics. This was not a typo, or a simple correction that had to be made. The entire story was imagined out of thin air and actually made it to print. The people involved in making up this particular dose of CNN fake news, were not novices in any way, shape, or form. CNN editor Eric Lachtblau worked at the New York Times for 15 years and won a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. I truly hope anything submitted in an effort to get that Pulitzer Prize is being heavily scrutinized at this point. Thomas Frank had many years of experience as he did work for USA Today along with Newsday as a reporter; he was also a Pulitzer finalist. Lex Haris joined CNN in 2001 and headed the investigative unit there. One would hope that Columbia University would want to protect their standards of issuing the Pulitzer Prize and immediately retract what these shoddy “journalists” were awarded in the past.

If the “head of the investigative unit,” Lex Haris, was willing to publish such outrageously fake news in the first place, then what standards would Lex Haris would have implemented on the entire investigative staff during his tenure at CNN? The American public needs to take note that these were employees that were at “the top of the food chain” at CNN. Many media outlets are treating this as if it was a “one-off” article by one person and nobody vetted it before print. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This article went up the chain of command, as all others do, and was published in the face of red flags from the legal team and then entirely retracted.

CNN has a history of making up fake news against those whom they dislike. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks was also a victim of CNN’s hatred and tunnel vision reporting. In an effort to hurt his character, CNN aired statements accusing Julian Assange of pedophilia and had to retract on January 7 of 2017. WikiLeaks was the purveyor of numerous hacked documents illegally obtained from the DNC, many of which CNN was refusing to report on.