Jane Sanders is claiming the investigation into her shady dealings for her alleged role in fraudulently obtaining a loan, was sparked by sexism and a desire to attack her husband, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. A claim that holds no water what-so-ever. The allegations come after news broke about the FBI probe seeking grand jury testimony in order to move forward. The “sexism” allegations are raising some eyebrows since the Hillary Clinton campaign, through leaked emails, found this to be damning information. Rapid Response Director for the RNC said, “Jane Sanders must think Hillary Clinton’s campaign was sexist for viewing the alleged bank fraud as a major issue, too.”

Brady Toensing is a candidate for U.S. Attorney in the state of Vermont and also worked on then Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s campaign. He started his inquiries into Jane Sanders back in 2014 before Bernie Sanders announced any intentions of a Presidential run and before he joined the Trump campaign. There seems to be nothing to the “sexism” charges other than a convenient way to call on Democrats to start parroting her remarks.

Jane Sanders seems to be using the same distortion tactics as Susan Rice and a slew of Democrats before her. When you have no excuse, blame the investigation for being sexist, racist, homophobic, or politically motivated. Though these excuses can be valid if there was no evidence to be presented to a grand jury, though it appears we have already surpassed that threshold.