President Trump sat down for an interview with the New York Times in which he noted some particular concerns with regard to independent counsel heading the Russia probe, Robert Mueller. President Trump detailed his concerns with regard the expansion of the probe into family finances, that of which stands to reason since there has yet to be any evidence of wrong doing or crimes to date.

President Trump went on to detail numerous and blatant conflicts that special counsel Mueller has been involved in, including the slew of lawyers brought into the probe that have not only donated to the Hillary Clinton Campaign but have also worked for the former Presidential candidate. Of course, Robert Mueller’s decision to retain the services of lawyers so deeply connected to Hillary Clinton have raised many questions regarding the counsel’s independence and objectivity moving forward.

The many conflicts that have been revealed to exist with respect to special counsel Robert Mueller also include a close friendship to former Director James Comey, whom President Trump fired for a number of reasons. Robert Mueller also participated in an interview with President Trump in an effort to replace James Comey as Director of the FBI. President Trump ultimately passed on hiring Robert Mueller and nominated Chistopher A. Wray, whom was just approved unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Committee and will now head to the full Senate for a final vote.

Update – July 21, 2017:

Just after President Trump issues his objections with regard to the special counsel expanding the probe into family finances, it appears Robert Mueller has done just that. This latest expansion has guided the Trump Administration to highlight major conflicts of interest with regard to attorneys working within the probe.

FEC records show attorneys James Quarles, Jeannie Rhee, Andrew Weissmann, and Michael Dreeben have all made substantial donations strictly to Democratic candidates which include, most notably, Hillary Clinton. Jeannie Rhee seems to be one of the more controversial choices that Mueller has made to date. Rhee has directly represented the Clinton Foundation with regard to numerous FOIA requests involving the famed “email server” at the center of the entire Clinton controversy coupled with her donations to Hillary Clinton totaling over $16,450.

The one-sided political donations made by many members of the special counsel’s team paired with the felonious leaks from within, have begun many to question the objectivity and purpose of the probe. With no evidence of any wrongdoing being presented or leaked, why would former Hillary Clinton attorney and donors want to expand the probe?