The latest attempt at “repeal and replace” has failed yet again which has compelled many to blame the nay votes for “saving ObamaCare.” That could couldn’t be further from the truth and those whom are making that argument seem to have not taken the time to understand the objections that were made in to the replacement. A clean repeal bill will be coming up for a vote next week in which a 2-year grace period to generate a replacement will be enacted. This is the vote that will allow us to find out which Republican Senators marketed themselves as opponents to ObamaCare when in fact they had no intentions of repealing in the first place.

In 2015 there was a vote for a “clean repeal” of ObamaCare in which 48 Republican Senators voted in support of. Then President Barack Obama made it very clear from the start that he would veto any measure that would repeal ObamaCare, regardless of the fact that it increased premiums and deductibles while decreasing the level of care throughout America. The 2015 repeal vote was a symbolic vote alone, and everyone knew that. Though it appears there are a couple Senators that may have misrepresented their true intent when voting in support of that repeal bill in 2015.

Senator Lisa Murkowski(R-AK) and Senator Shelley Moore Capito(R-WV) have already signaled their intentions to vote no with regard to a clean repeal of ObamaCare, which is coming up next week in the Senate. Susan Collins(R-ME) voted no in 2015 and will continue her no vote into the Senate next week, a position she has yet to waver on.

The vote for a “clean repeal” next week in the Senate will give voters a good indication of the true intentions behind those whom represent them in the Senate. This is a vote that must be held as to get all representatives on record with their intent for the outcome of Healthcare; their true intent. President Trump has already indicated that he will sign the repeal bill should it pass the Senate, effectively making this a vote that counts rather than a vote in symbolism alone. Finally, we will find out next week who intends to save ObamaCare and who intends to follow through with their campaign promises and repeal ObamaCare.