Sean Spicer on Friday, July 21, 2017, decided to tender his resignation on the wake of President Trump’s latest hire, Anthony Scaramucci as Director of Communications. At a press conference, Anthony Scaramucci announced Sarah Huckabee Sanders as the new Press Secretary moving forward.

Scaramucci was Vice President of Export-Import Bank, which was announced back in June of this year, in which his role was to assess how financing American exports can support American jobs. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was already working within the Trump Administration as Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary, which makes this a well-earned promotion in which she was roundly applauded for at the press conference.

Sean Spicer came to the administration directly from the RNC, where he was the spokesman for RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus at the time. According to Fox News, Priebus stated he was “all good” with the shake-up. “We go back a long, long way and are very good friends,” Priebus said with regard to Scaramucci.