The case of Charlie Gard has gripped much of the western world, including United States President Donald Trump and the Pope himself. Charlie Gard is one of only 16 people to have a rare disease called Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome.

Mitochondrial DNA Depletion is a reference to a group of disorders that cause affected tissue to lack the energy required to power them. Mitochondrial DNA is what enables the body to convert the energy contained in food into the type of energy the body utilizes and requires in order to survive. One whom has Mitochondrial DNA Depletion is unable to power major organs such as kidney, lungs, muscles and brain. In order to keep someone alive with Mitochondrial DNA Depletion, various life support measures must be taken, as in the case of Charlie Gard.

As the Great Ormond Street Hospital fights to end Charlie Gard’s life “with dignity,” the mother and father of Charlie are fighting to keep him alive. Many offers for experimental treatment have come to the Gard family which included the Vatican Hospital and an unnamed New York hospital.

One would think members of the Democratic Party and many within the liberal movement would be up in arms over the hospitals decision to “pull the plug” on Charlie Gard but they aren’t. Why?

Ultimately it comes down to the Democratic Party and the outright hypocrisy of their platform. It’s no secret that they are fighting to ultimately bring the Unites States to a single payer health care system, similar to that of England’s. The Democratic Party vehemently supports the “right to choose,” which is what the parents of Charlie Gard are looking for. Why isn’t there more support among Democrats and liberals? It is because the two issues are in direct conflict with each other. In a single payer health care system, the hospital makes the final decision which often times comes down to the cost of care. Is it worth it to keep this person alive?

The vast majority of the Democratic Party and the liberal movement have found themselves between a rock and a hard place which has left them on the sidelines with regard to a major issue, that of which is gripping the world. Should the Democratic Party and the liberal movement fight for the “right to choose,” then they are fighting against the single payer healthcare system and vice versa. With many political analysts claiming the Democratic Party needs to get out of their “bubble,” this has rapidly become a matter in which they simply cannot.


On Tuesday, July 18, Congressional lawmakers passed an amendment that grants Charlie Gard and family permanent residency status in the United States as to permit the child access to the care the 11-month old so drastically needs. The amendment also contains a loophole that will allow the child to come to the United States without the permission of United Kingdom courts. This should serve as a ray of hope for the parents of Charlie Gard whom have remained critical of the Great Ormand Street Hospital since their rights to make such decisions was stripped away, a hallmark of socialized medicine.