25-year old Andrew Schneck of Houston, Texas was apprehended on Monday after police allege he was discovered by a Confederate statue in an attempt to blow up the monument. Schneck was found by a Houston Park Ranger kneeling at the base of the statue with what appeared to be duct tape, wires, and a bottle of liquid. The bottle of liquid was tested and found to be nitroglycerin as well as hexamethylene triperoxide diamine(HMTD), which is considered a “highly explosive compound,” as reported by the Daily Wire.

The statue is of Richard William Dowling, a prominent Lieutenant in the Confederate army; well known for the Battle of Sabine Pass as well as the 1863 recapture of Galveston. Dowling was born in Ireland originally in 1838 and died in Houston Texas in 1867. Dowling is currently buried in Houston Texas within the St. Vincent’s Catholic Cemetery; the oldest known Catholic cemetery in Houston, Texas.