Per Raytheon:

This kinetic force weapon is the first line of defense against ballistic missiles. The exoatmospheric kill vehicle hones in on its target and destroys it with pinpoint precision, using nothing more than the force of a massive collision.

Raytheon decided to post information regarding their “Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle” as it pertains to its main function: America’s first line of defense against ballistic missiles. The reason this technological piece of the American arsenal is being detailed is no secret given the very public strides the North Korean regime has made regarding missile delivery tests in efforts to deliver their nuclear capabilities.

A successful test was conducted in May of 2017, when the EKV destroyed an intercontinental ballistic missile over the Pacific Ocean.

A ballistic missile has a high, arching trajectory that leaves the Earth’s atmosphere as it is guided towards its target upon decent. The EKV destroys the ballistic missile before it re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere thus ending the perceived threat without any warhead. No nuclear technology is needed to destroy the target, just kinetic energy transferred through a collision.

There are many other modifications that are currently being pursued with regard to the “Exoatmopheric Kill Vehicle.” Modifications that entail widening its space weapon capabilities to include multi target options as well as standard refinements among many others to be sure.