Kim Jong Un decided to delay his decision to launch a missile at the United States’ territory of Guam, reported North Korean media outlets. This decision came in light of Defense Secretary James Mattis’ stern warning towards North Korea that any military action will result in a swift escalation on the United States’ behalf in that it would be “game on.”

Many media outlets in America were weighing the possibility of a strike by North Korea since the leader, Kim Jong Un, has been out of public view for over two weeks. According to North Korean Media Outlet KCNA, the leader was out of public view in order to inspect his army and review missile plans.

KCNA also reported a statement from the North Korean leader, “If the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions on the Korean Peninsula and its vicinity, testing the self-restraint of the DPRK, the latter will make an important decision as it already declared.”

This is certainly viewed as toned down rhetoric compared to the language that the North Korean leader was using a short time ago. Clearly the harsh rhetoric from President Donald Trump coupled with Defense Secretary James Mattis’ words made the North Korean Leader come to an obvious conclusion, attacking the United States is suicide.