The main-stream media was dealt yet another blow with regard to the “Trump-Russia” collusion narrative. Notes taken by senior campaign official Paul Manafort while attending the now infamous Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr and a Russian Lawyer, Natalia Vetelnitskaya, seem to contain nothing damaging with regard to the President nor his family. Surely a deflating turn for media outlets that dedicated over 90% of broadcast time for months on end in an all-out attempt to make the “Trump-Russia” narrative stick.

Politico cited government sources close the investigation that revealed the notes taken within the meeting “are not seen as damaging to the Trump family or campaign officials.” “These notes have been in the possession of Senate officials and have been reviewed by many on Capitol Hill,” Politico added.

Politico also noted, “The notes from the meeting do not contain any damaging information about Clinton or references to promises of damaging information about her, nor do they indicate officials on the campaign were promising favors or seeking them in return for money.”

With the hyper-coverage of “possible collusion” between the Trump campaign and the Russian government in order to steal the 2016 American election, one would think evidence that exonerates the campaign and damages the narrative would be given the same amount of air time. Sadly, we have seen just about all evidence that damages the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative be completely ignored by members of the main-stream media thus adding credibility to claims of their staunch Democrat alliances and clear-cut bias against the right.