We have all heard about sanctuary cities. These are cities in the United States that provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants with or without criminal backgrounds. In sanctuary cities the local politicians instruct local authorities NOT to check for, nor ask for immigration status. These sanctuary cities choose not to apply equal enforcement of the law. Just as Chicago is a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, Hollywood acts as a sanctuary for sexual predators. In Hollywood, the movie executives played a similar role to that of liberal politicians from sanctuary cities, effectively giving cover to sexual predators by telling anyone they wielded power over to ignore it.

As everyone has been watching the obliteration of Harvey Weinstein, more allegations have been coming to light. The NYPD had recorded Harvey Weinstein openly admitting to sexual assault in March of 2015, but they chose to do nothing about it. This seems to be very similar to how authorities treat illegal immigrants within the borders of sanctuary cities as it pertains to their immigrations status; just ignore it.

Since the Weinstein story broke we’ve heard numerous actors bringing the predatory nature of Hollywood into the public discourse; unmasking people, almost, at the same rate as the Obama Administration’s UN Ambassador, Samantha Power.

Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Oliver Stone, as well as Roy Price have all been implicated in one way or another since the scandal broke. Either they have been outed for their own predatory encounters or accused of being instrumental in keeping Harvey Weinstein’s misdeeds out of the press.

The predatory nature of Hollywood executives has not been exclusively directed towards females either. Terry Crews and James Van der Beek have both issued statements citing that they too were sexually harassed during their careers in Hollywood.

The Weinstein Company penned for an allowance of sexual assault within Harvey Weinstein’s contract, which suggests knowledge of prior assaults, though nobody spoke up. The Weinstein Company, through willful ignorance exemplified in the drafting of his contract, encouraged Harvey Weinstein’s behavior.

With each and every accuser that comes to light it seems more and more likely that major players in Hollywood were involved in concealing the true nature of Weinstein. If they were not actively helping Harvey Weinstein hide his misdeeds, they were willfully ignoring them.

Hollywood has a proclivity for sex crimes. This is no secret given the very public accusations that have been leveled over the years. The list is rather extensive and growing by the day: Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, R Kelly, John Travolta, Al Gore, CeeLo Green, Sean Penn, Ben Affleck, Oliver Stone, Nelly, and Roman Polanski, just to name a few. Roman Polanski still receives much praise from Hollywood as a convicted rapist and fugitive from Justice.

The Weinstein Scandal has ignited a fire storm of women claiming to have been victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault, with Hollywood leading the way. Since actress Melissa Milano tweeted, “#MeeToo”, over 500,000 other women have followed suit. It’s now reported that over 6 million people are discussing #MeeToo on Facebook with what appears to be no end in sight.

Many might ask themselves; how on Earth could sexual assault become common place within an entire industry as it is in Hollywood? The answer is much simpler than some wish to admit. By willfully ignoring the rule of law they encouraged criminals to break the law, thus clearing the way for a predatory movie mogul to leave a slew of victims in his wake.

Just as the many sanctuary cities in America choose not to enforce equal justice under the law as it pertains to illegal immigration, Hollywood chooses not to enforce equal justice under the law as it pertain to elitist sexual predators.

Illegal immigration is disproportionally higher in these sanctuary cities, just as sexual assault seems to be disproportionally higher in Hollywood. The laws a community chooses to ignore will only exacerbate violations and encourage criminality, as exemplified in both the recent revelation of Hollywood and sanctuary cities.