The Weinstein Company issued a statement on October 10th claiming the board of directors had no clue of the alleged abuses nor the ensuing payoffs. That statement was issued prior to TMZ obtaining a copy of Harvey Weinstein’s contract with The Weinstein Company.

The contract Harvey Weinstein signed on October of 2015 with The Weinstein Company contains specific wording to matters pertaining to the disgraced mogul’s sexual behavior. Wording that goes so far as to itemize the consequences for being accused for sexual misconduct, none of which contains criminal liability.

The contract also includes the method by which Harvey Weinstein can avoid any negative impacts from allegations of sex crimes. The Weinstein Company contract demanded that Harvey Weinstein reimburse the company for any settlement they dole out on his behalf. Should a settlement be paid out on Harvey Weinstein’s behalf, he is to pay a fine; a fine that began at $250,000 and increased by $250,000 with each additional payoff.

The Weinstein Company structured Harvey Weinstein’s contract to allow for a slew of sexual assaults to take place while Harvey avoided any criminal justice. That is, as long as the company was not affected financially.

The Weinstein Company can no longer stand by their initial statement as Harvey Weinstein was the only employee with a contract structured in such a manner. For the board to remain by their initial statement would be audacious when the contract they penned amounts to nothing less than a conspiracy with the accused.