Paul Manafort, former Chairman of the Donald Trump campaign, has been indicted on charges of tax fraud, and conspiracy to violate American laws. A longtime associate of Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, has also been named the indictment that was filed by special counsel and handed down by a federal grand jury Friday afternoon.

The indictment does not contain any charges related to collusion on behalf of the Trump campaign, which is why the special counsel was employed in the first place. According to Roger Stone’s testimony to the House Intelligence Committee on September 26, Paul Manafort had expressed his expectations of being indicted by the special counsel for the same charges listed within the indictment.

The Monday morning surrender by Paul Manafort to the FBI has been expected for quite some time and comes to no surprise. There has never been evidence of collusion produced by any of the investigations being conducted and it appears the special counsel has hit the same wall the committees have; which is why we are left with an indictment that has nothing to do with the 2016 Presidential election. The lack of charges related to collusion will certainly increase the growing notion that the special counsel is nothing more than political theater. A notion that grew ten-fold as news broke of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC having colluded with Russia to produce the disinformation campaign now dubbed “The Trump/Russia” dossier.

There is a possibility that Manafort’s indictment could be part of a larger effort to get him to reveal information implicating the President, though the lack of evidence from committee investigations denotes there is nothing to implicate the President on.

The FBI is will turn over information pertaining to the dossier this week as the Senate Intelligence Committee attempts to establish what role it played in sparking the special counsel. The vast majority of the information, including the most salacious details, has already been debunked by numerous sources leaving the remainder unverifiable and likely fictional.  Should the Senate Intelligence Committee find the FBI used the dossier to spark a special counsel, there would be amble reason to defund and decommission Mueller’s team. An action that is further justified by the Manafort indictment not containing charges congruent to the reason they were commissioned in the first place; Russia collusion.