A new explosive report posted by Buzzfeed detailed what happened when a female staffer denied the sexual advances of Democratic House member, John Conyers. The report also details an ensuing sexual harassment complaint that resulting in a payout on the backs of tax payers. The report stems from documents obtained by Buzzfeed that show numerous women accusing Conyers of making overt requests for sexual favors.

The report outlines a complaint by an anonymous ex-employee that claimed to have been fired for refusing the sexual advances of Rep. John Conyers. The complaint resulted in a cash settlement.

The documents obtained included four separate affidavits, three of which are notarized. The authenticity of the documents have been independently verified through four separate sources involved in the case. The affidavits tell a disturbing story of how credible accusations of sexual harassment are swept under the rug by the Congressional Office of Compliance.

The process by which the Office of Compliance determines whether or not a complaint can move forward can be lengthy in that mediation and counseling are involved. What might be most troubling about the process by which the Office of Compliance makes this determination is how the very advancement of a complaint may hinge on the victim signing a non-disclosure agreement.

After the claim moves forward the victim is left with the following choice; either take the claim to federal court or negotiate a settlement. The victim is left with the notion that they must choose one over the other. The anonymous woman within the complaint was left believing that she had no other option, she had to take the settlement and remain silent.

The Congressional Office of Compliance refused to confirm or deny the allegations made in the affidavit as they offered the following statement:

“Pursuant to the Congressional Accountability Act, the OCC cannot comment on whether matters have or have not been filed with the office.”

The report outlining the sexual improprieties of Rep John Conyers also noted the amount of money paid to his victim along with the budget from which it was drawn. Representative Conyers paid his victim $27,000 from his congressional office budget; a budget that is funded with taxpayer dollars.

Rep. John Conyers is just the latest high profile name around Washington to get ensnared by the misdeeds of his past. Senator Al Franken (D-MN) was accused this past week of harassment by numerous women resulting in calls for his resignation. The Republican candidate for Alabama’s open Senate seat, Roy Moore, also stands accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women which garnered calls for him to exit the race. Roy Moore has ignored calls to drop out of the Alabama special election in concert with Al Franken refusing to resign his Senate post.

Allegations of sexual improprieties have been rocking the Washington media circles as well. News broke of Charlie Rose, a prominent liberal commentator, being fired from CBS and PBS following numerous allegations that were graphic, vulgar, and deliberate.

Glenn Thrush, a prominent liberal journalist for the New York Times, was also identified as a pervert when numerous women accused him of unwanted and uninvited groping. A rather disturbing twist given the claims Glenn Thrush has made regarding his “support for women.”

As further unmasking will show further misdeeds of various operatives within the American political theater, we need to match their actions with the words they have spoken to the American people. What values have they “claimed” to support and do they violate those values in their daily lives? As the days move forward, it will become ever more evident that hypocrisy is a disease that was vastly underdiagnosed inside Washington.