Newly revealed court documents have confirmed Fusion GPS made numerous payments to three journalists between June of 2016 and February of 2017. Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson testified earlier this month before the House Intelligence Committee regarding the payments to journalists in pursuing efforts to have the Trump/Russia dossier published. Simpson also admitted Fusion GPS was never able to verify any of the information contained within the dossier, and made very little effort to do so.

The three journalists Fusion GPS paid to publish the dossier have not been named as of yet however, three journalists published the dossier in Buzzfeed. Ken Bensinger, Miriam Elder, and Mark Schoofs were the first journalists to publish the dossier on January 10, 2017. The House Intelligence Committee issued a court filing in which they disclosed that the three unnamed journalists Fusion GPS paid-off have been reporting on “Russia issues relevant to the investigation.”

Glenn Simpson testified before the House Intelligence Committee on behalf of Fusion GPS in that he admits the dossier was made public in retaliation for the FBI re-opening the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal. In Simpson’s testimony he stated he felt “upset” upon learning of then FBI Director James Comey re-opening the Clinton e-mail investigation, Simpson felt compelled to punch back.

Simpson also testified that Fusion GPS was never able to verify any of the information contained within the dossier. Catherine Herridge of Fox News spoke to a source familiar with the testimony in that Simpson revealed he never spoke to any underlying sources within the dossier nor did he travel to Russia in an effort to corroborate any of the information. Simpson claimed to have merely compared the dossier to “open source” media reporting, which is not considered a valid form of verification by any professional standard. FBI and Justice Department officials have confirmed the same as they told congressional investigators that they have never been able to corroborate nor verify any of the substantive claims made within the dossier.

Just as Russia pays The Washington Post to publish unverified Russian propaganda via their Russia behind the Headlines section, Fusion GPS had to pay-off “journalists” in order to get the unverified Trump/Russia dossier published. Most credible news outlets will verify salacious information prior to publishing, a moral barrier that has been broken as the left-stream media weaves their pent-up anger and hatred into every story they cover regarding President Trump.

If the Trump/Russia dossier was verified and found to be true, then it would absolutely be newsworthy in the eyes of any major network or publication. If there were credibility to any of the claims made within the dossier, then the story would not have required paying-off three journalists in order to get it published. Any news agency in the world would have taken that story free of charge; had it been verified to be credible. It was never verified because fictional information is not verifiable. Verifying the Trump/Russia dossier would be akin to verifying The Wizard of Oz.

With Glenn Simpson admitting to have paid-off journalists in order to get the dossier published, the document’s credibility evaporates. It appears Fusion GPS had to pay-off these three journalists in order for them to drop their moral barriers and publish a fictional “intelligence” document.