Since news reports eluding to Tony Podesta’s possible indictment started to surface, employees have been tendering resignations to the Podesta Group in droves. As Podesta resigned in the midst of the Paul Manafort’s indictment, he ceded complete control of the lobbying firm to long-time CEO, Kimberly Fritts. Upon learning of Podesta’s resignation, Fritts displayed jubilation over the newly entrusted control. Fritts addressed The Podesta Group’s employees stating that she was “thrilled at this opportunity” and that, “This is not about me, it’s about y’all.”

It was initially reported that Fritts would relaunch the lobbying firm under a new name however, it appears Fritts’ newly-entrusted control gave her access to information that culminated in her b-line towards the exit.

Kimberley Fritts announced her resignation from the Podesta group during an all-staff meeting Thursday, November 9, as reported by Politico. Just over a week after she accepted complete control of the lobbying firm, Fritts tendered her resignation. According to three Podesta Group staffers whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, “expect a lot of top talent to go with her.” “This really is a painful process, trying to navigate who can go with and who can be let go,” one staffer added.

One staffer attempted to explain the move as a way to “rebuild” the firm without Tony Podesta, though that seems nonsensical since Tony Podesta had already resigned and Fritts was going to rename and relaunch the company.

As to what prompted Fritts to abruptly resign and navigate away from the vision she outlined after the Podesta resignation on October 30th, only time will tell. The resignation was almost immediate as she made the announcement on Thursday and executed it Friday.