Since the election of Donald Trump there have been members of the media who have chosen to highlight “hate crimes” that allegedly took place thereafter. The shock and disgust of the initial report tends to be a focal point of many news programs, but often times the story will disappear off the news feeds without any follow up what-so-ever. There is a very good reason for that. Many of the hate crimes that have been alleged thus far have been hoaxes perpetrated by the so-called “victim.” In the vast majority of these cases, the “victims” either claim to have been assaulted by “Trump Supporters” or attribute the attack to their Muslim faith.

In an effort to sow distaste among Americans regarding Donald Trump’s Presidency, many members of the media will report the initial claim of a hate crime but never follow up on the report. Media outlets will impanel 5 pundits to convey their disgust as they pretend the report is concrete and factual without a single question of the report’s validity. More often than not the “hate crime” is found to be a hoax, but that never gets discussed among a five member panel. Often times, media outlets won’t even allow a chyron to scroll across the bottom of the screen to alert their viewers of a false hate crime.

The media wants these reports to be immediately accepted as true. Forget about due process and revealing the truth. The media believes they are the gatekeepers of veracity and refuse to hear any objections that factually contradict their own political positions. CNN’s Associate Producer, Jimmy Carr, communicated CNN’s understanding of the American voter’s intellect as “stupid as sh*t.” His statement was captured in an undercover video produced by Project Veritas.

John Binder, a contributor to Breitbart in Texas, identified a rather large list of “hate crimes” that have either been misidentified as a hate crime or proven to be an outright hoax. Numerous media outlets covered the below claims of “hate crimes,” but never followed up when authorities completed their investigation and concluded them to be falsified.

Police: Muslim Student ‘Fabricated’ Muslim Hijab-Grab by Trump Supporter

After a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) claimed that her hijab and wallet were stolen by two President-Elect Donald Trump supporters, police announced the claim was fabricated.

Students Face Disciplinary Action After Hoaxing ‘KKK’ Vandalism

Two Williams College students are now facing disciplinary action after hoaxing vandalism which appeared to be Ku Klux Klan inspired days after the 2016 Election.

Student Charged for Claiming Rock Attack by Trump Fans

A black, female Bowling Green State University student allegedly fabricated a hate crime story about white, male President-Elect Donald Trump supporters attacking her on campus and is now being charged for faking a police report.

Another Student Fakes Mugging Claim by Trump Fans

Another student at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) has hoaxed a racist hate crime attack, local police have confirmed.

Student Fakes Anti-Gay Notes from Trump Fan

A North Park University student fabricated a story where she claimed that President-Elect Donald Trump supporters had sent her “hateful” notes and emails following the 2016 Election, local police confirmed.

Mississippi Students Refute Hate Crime Claims Touted By NAACP

After the Mississippi NAACP made accusations that a black high school student had a noose thrown around his neck by white students, others are now speaking out refuting the broad claims of racism.

Woman Faked Sex Assault Claim Because She Was ‘Distraught’ Over Election

A woman who posted to her Facebook page that she had been sexually assaulted actually fabricated the story because she was “distraught over the recent election,” police confirmed.

Muslim Woman Admits Faking Knife Attack Hate Crime in New York City

On Thursday, a Muslim woman in New York City claimed she was attacked by a white male who called her a terrorist and slashed her cheek with a knife before running away. On Friday, police announced the as-yet unnamed 20-year-old slashed her own cheek, giving herself a two-inch cut, and invented the hate crime story.

Another Fake ‘Hate Crime’: Transgender Student Admits Attack Was Hoax

On March 3, a transgender student at a California middle school claimed he was attacked, beaten, and sexually molested by other students in a school bathroom. Only a day later the student admitted that the claimed attack never happened.

CAIR Calls in Feds Over Possible Hate-Crime Against… Air Conditioning Unit

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)–a group founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and designated as a terrorist organization in the UAE–is concerned that damage to a Manassas, VA mosque’s air conditioning unit is a result of a possible anti-Muslim “bias motive,” the group said in two separate press releases from its national branch this week.

Police: Gay YouTuber Faked Hate Crime Attack on Himself

Popular homosexual YouTuber Calum McSwiggan reportedly faked an alleged hate crime attack on himself in West Hollywood on Monday, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Albany University Expels Women Charged with Fabricating ‘Hate Crime’

Three women accused of falsely claiming they were victims of racial abuse and physical assault have been expelled from Albany University and will now face criminal charges.

CAIR Claims ‘Hate’ Crime When Muslim Youths Harass Woman, Then Get Slammed by Boyfriend

Two Muslim youths were injured outside a New York mosque, but police have rejected the incident as a “bias crime” because the two were slammed by a man after they harassed his girlfriend, officials say.

Man Admits Lying About ‘Trump Country Lynching’ Hate Crime Report

An African-American man in Malden, Massachusetts has now admitted that he fabricated a hate crime report when he claimed two white men accosted him, saying the U.S. is now “Trump country,” and threatened to lynch him.

Texas Islamic Center Fire Appears Not to be a Hate Crime

An arrest was announced at 6 p.m. Monday night at the Houston Fire Department Arson Headquarters in connection with the February 13th Quba Islamic Institute fire. Darryl Ferguson, age 55 of Houston, has been charged with arson. It appears the fire is not a hate crime. Ferguson told reporters at the police station that he was just trying to keep warm and the fire was an accident.


After examining the above list there seems to be a common theme present within many of them; college campuses. It appears the liberal progressive movement on college campuses is furthering a toxic environment and endangering individual freedoms of fellow students. They have made themselves one of the biggest threats to the First Amendment as they embrace violence and fascist tactics to shut freedom of speech.

Another important theme to point out is the attempt to validate the main-stream media’s false narratives regarding Trump supporters. Many among the main-stream media tend to associate conservatives and the Trump movement as racist bigots that refuse to tolerate any minority class. Nothing could be further from the truth, which has resulted in irate and inane news cycles that make Chris Cuomo appear more like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

As the “Resist” movement continues to foment fake hate crimes, we can certainly expect many more to come. Many Americans have turned off the main-stream media outlets as they attempt to use race-baiting, hatred, and identity politics to further divide the country. Ignoring the irate news anchors that are offended by such frivolous matters as the First Lady’s shoe choice maybe the best way to continue the public discourse. It’s best for liberal progressives that feel compelled to corroborate the main-stream media’s false narratives through filing false reports and best for the conservatives who are typically the victims of such false claims.