Yet another member of the DOJ has been sidelined from carrying out their duties as reports began to surface detailing meetings with key contacts relating to Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS was the opposition research firm that contracted Retired MI6 agent Christopher Steele to author and pay for the information contained within the Trump dossier via funding provided by the Hillary Clinton for America Campaign.

On Wednesday Fox News reported that Bruce G. Ohr was relieved of his duties as it pertained to his role as associate deputy attorney general, a position that is considered a top role within the DOJ. The dismissal was in response to conclusive evidence gathered by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), chaired by Devin Nunes (R-CA).

Devin Nunes stated that Bruce Ohr met with Christopher Steele during the 2016 presidential election. Nunes also stated that Ohr met with Fusion GPS co-founder Glen Simpson shortly after the election, around Thanksgiving of 2016.

Devin Nunes and the HPSCI have been investigating issues relating to the dossier for some months however, they have been met with vigorous push-back from both the DOJ and the FBI. After numerous subpoenas were ignored, the FBI finally released some classified documentation pertaining to the dossier. The DOJ and FBI are also arranging for Peter Strzok to be available to committee (HPSCI) for questioning as well. The DOJ has reportedly contacted House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) to establish an appearance date.

Earlier in the week it was discovered that FBI agent Peter Strzok was re-assigned after his political bias against President Trump was revealed in text messages to his mistress; not his wife but his mistress. A revelation that Mueller and company kept from public view for as long as they could thus, further tainting the overall Trump/Russia investigation.

In a further display of political bias on Robert Mueller’s special counsel, FBI agent Andrew Weissman was found to have supported the outgoing attorney general Sally Yates’ decision of refusing to enforce the President’s travel ban, citing it as “un-Constitutional.” Sally Yates was found to be wildly inaccurate in her refusal to enforce the travel ban as the Supreme Court has already ruled it to be carried out. The Supreme Court ruling in favor for the ban to be carried out speaks volumes to its Constitutionality.

The Supreme Court ruling also sheds light on Andrew Weissman’s inability to keep politics out of his daily work at the FBI. Weissman is considered a “seasoned” agent which of course eludes to his understanding of the powers granted to the President under the Constitution. Regardless of Weissman knowing that President Trump was well within his powers to call for the travel ban, he decided to support Sally Yates’ erroneous decision to refuse in carrying out her duties. Andrew Weissman was in such agreement with Sally Yates’ politically charged decision that he felt compelled to send her an e-mail professing his support and admiration for her refusal. The support Weissman displayed in the e-mail shows that he puts his own politics over the powers granted under the Constitution. Remember, Weissman took an oath to uphold the Constitution of The United States; an oath that did not exclude the powers granted to the President.

This latest revelation adds to the ammunition of those whom have been calling the special counsel a politically motivated witch-hunt. Mueller keeping Andrew Weissman on the special counsel after these anti-Trump sentiments have been discovered is very troubling and speaks to the team’s ability to maintain an objective demeanor.

It is very clear that cleaning house at the DOJ and FBI must include a thorough examination of how politics influences the work of various agents. The nature of the 2016 presidential election has politically charged the public discourse and many people are expressing their political views in ways they never have before. FBI agents are subject to human nature like the rest of us however, in the FBI they are required to do all they can to avoid having even the slight appearance of harboring a political bias. Robert Mueller hired a staff of Obama and Clinton donors, hardly an attempt at avoiding the appearance of political bias. Are we to believe there were not 12 – 16 competent agents that Mueller could have drafted onto his special counsel that did not have an appearance of political bias?