In August of this year, Robert Mueller fired Peter Strzok for reasons that were not disclosed to the public until this past Saturday. The reason for Strzok’s firing pertained to his rabid anti-Trump stance which the inspector general discovered in text messages sent to his mistress; not his wife but his mistress. As a result of his firing from Robert Mueller’s special counsel, he was reassigned to the human resources department, which is a bewildering move for an agent who attempted to inject his own politics into an investigation.

The firing was alarming enough, but Robert Mueller’s refusal to disclose it to the public is exponentially damaging to the special counsel’s credibility. It is very difficult to believe that Strzok would be loyal to the country to which he swore an oath to since he was willing to break a similar oath he made to his wife and family. Peter Strzok’s wife’s name is Melissa Hodgeman.

Within three days of the public finding out about disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump sentiments within the special counsel, we find out another member of Mueller’s team holds similar political bias.

On Tuesday, Judicial Watch unveiled an e-mail obtained through a FOIA request which contained anti-Trump sentiments by a deputy investigator on Robert Mueller’s special counsel, Andrew Weissman.

Weissman’s email was sent to outgoing acting Attorney General Sally Yates on January 30. Weissman praised Yates for refusing to carry out her duties as it pertained to President Trump’s travel ban. Sally Yates claimed the travel ban was un-Constitutional however, the recent Supreme Court ruling proves her to be incorrect. The email was delivered with the subject line, “I am so proud.” Below is the content of the Weissman e-mail to Sally Yates:

“And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects.”

Weissman either does not understand the powers granted to the President under the Constitution or would rather his own political bias to take precedent over the Constitution. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution however, this e-mail shows his political proclivities take precedent over Constitutional authority.

Many people are expressing their thoughts that President Trump should fire Robert Mueller and special counsel. There is no reason to do so. The special counsel has already been discredited beyond repair and Robert Mueller’s attempt at concealing the anti-Trump sentiment further shows a political bias that cannot be ignored.

In light of these new revelations, any findings this anti-Trump counsel turns up will rightfully be met with vigorous skepticism and immense scrutiny.