ABC, NBC, and CBS have always been long-viewed as liberal leaning networks however, Monday morning all three decided to bolster the claims of those whom accuse the network-trio of generating, distributing, and supporting fake news.

Brian Ross was suspended on Saturday for falsely reporting retired General Michael Flynn was going to testify against “candidate Trump” for directing him to make contact with the Russian government during the Presidential election. An assertion that turned out to be false. Below is the original report from Brian Ross:

“Michael Flynn’s prepared to testify that President Trump, as a candidate, Donald Trump, ordered him – directed him to make contact with Russians which contradicts all that Donald Trump has said to this point.”

Court documents relating to the Flynn plea bargain proved ABC and their investigative journalist, Brian Ross, fabricated the story in their pursuit to inflict harm on the Office of the Presidency. ABC did not retract the story until late in the day, well after the market crashed 300 points and after Joy Bahar made a complete fool out of herself after celebrating the fake report on The View.

A prominent journalist being suspended without pay from a large network such as ABC is considered extremely newsworthy. The Brian Ross suspension should be a leading story for all major networks, if they care about objectivity.

Monday morning not a single report appeared on CBS, NBC, or ABC regarding the Ross story being fabricated nor his ensuing suspension. This is the problem, these networks do not care for objectivity and each story regarding President Trump consistently lacks verisimilitude. This is why the American people have tuned them out and why Trump supporters view them as an “enemy of the people.” Journalists are supposed to be objective in their reporting. Journalists are not supposed to inject their own point of view as to satisfy their own political proclivities.