It appears one of Roy Moore’s accusers has lost much credibility after she admitted to ABC News that she doctored the yearbook she claimed Roy Moore had signed.

Beverly Young Nelson accused Roy Moore of groping her in a parking lot in 1977 when she was only 14 years of age, Moore would have been 30. Beverly Young Nelson presented a yearbook that she claimed Roy More signed in 1977 as to establish their associations. Moore called for an independent handwriting expert to examine the yearbook as he claimed the signature was false.

Upon observation of the yearbook, Roy Moore’s attorney became skeptical of its authenticity after noticing stark differences in how the number “7” appeared from one instance to another. It now appears that skepticism was well founded as Beverly Young Nelson admits to altering the signature.

Beverly Young Nelson no longer has any credibility with her claims moving forward. If her claims are accurate, it’s a shame that she attempted to doctor a signature in an attempt to solidify her allegations. It would appear that Roy Moore is the more credible between the two at this point.

Ultimately, Alabamians have to ask ourselves the obvious question; if she was willing to lie about his aspect of the allegation, what else is she willing to lie about?

With this new revelation, there will be little more that can be done in order to prevent Roy Moore from winning the election and being seated in the Senate. The Special election is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12th as Roy Moore maintains a lead of 3 or 4 points lead over Democratic opponent Doug Jones. Many are speculating that lead will increase as the credibility of his most public and damning accuser begins to fall away.

Beverly Young Nelson is reportedly scheduling a press conference for Friday afternoon.