The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that a top attorney for Robert Mueller’s special counsel attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party in New York City, further discrediting the counsel’s objectivity.

Andrew Weissman is the attorney that has been found to have attended the losing candidate’s party on election night. Weissman’s attendance at the party further highlights his political proclivities which were on full display earlier in the week when anti-Trump sentiments were revealed in an email he sent to outgoing acting attorney general Sally Yates.

Earlier in the week an email was found that showed Weissman supported Sally Yates’ decision to refuse her duties in fulfilling the President’s travel ban. The travel ban was ruled to be fully implemented by the Supreme Court which eludes to its Constitutionality. In essence, Weissman supported a decision that was found to be on the wrong side of the Constitution. Weissman sidelined his understanding of the Constitution to satisfy his own political proclivities.

Weissman was the FBI agent involved in the Enron investigation and was responsible for the prosecution of Arthur Anderson. Weissman’s actions were found to be un-Constitutional as the Supreme Court unanimously overturned Anderson’s conviction. The overwhelming and unprecedented defeat in Supreme Court firmly put into question Weissman’s basic understanding of the Constitution.

Regardless of what the special counsel comes up with at this point, it will be met with staunch skepticism and rightfully so. The FBI is supposed to avoid the slightest appearance of investigatory biases, an important detail to keep in mind as further conflicts of interests are revealed.