Americans recently found out the Trump Administration is responsible for driving the unemployment rate within African American community down to 6.8%, the lowest number in recorded history. The Hispanic American community realized a full one point drop in unemployment rates thus moving it ever so closer to its lowest point in recorded history. The overall unemployment rate has hit a 17 year low under the Trump Administration, which has also allowed people from all ends of the racial spectrum to feel a positive economic impact.

As a result of the President’s policies driving the unemployment rate down, his approval rating has nearly doubled within the African American community since election night 2016. Despite the negative media, his approval rating within the Hispanic American community has jumped 11% in August to 42%. President Trump only garnered 8% of the African American vote in the 2016 Presidential election however, he is currently carrying a 17% approval rating according to two separate polls.

This has raised alarm bells with Democrats. So much so they have decide to dust off their old racism accusations for a man that was once awarded the Ellis Island Award for his contributions to immigrant communities.

This week Senator Dick Durban (D-IL) accused President Trump of using harsh language in describing Haiti and other African countries while propping up and showing preference towards predominately “white” countries though, the President was not reported to have commented on race in any way, shape, or form.

As more information came to light, many people familiar with the meeting claimed the President merely suggested taking in less immigrants from downtrodden countries and more from areas such as “Norway and Asia.” However, Dick Durbin decided to leave “Asia” out of the equation while recalling the meeting with reporters. The main stream media has yet to report this new revelation and has continued to carry the Democratic Party’s narrative of racism.

The timing is no mistake and the Democrat’s failure to strike a deal on DACA served as the catalyst. As President Trump tweets about the positive impacts his administration has had within these communities, the Democratic Party felt a need to push back in the nastiest way possible. By claiming the comments made by the President were racially motivated thus framing him as a “white supremacist.”

The Democratic Party has decided to treat racism not as an issue, but a political weapon in order to paint the President in a bad light. Remember, the President was not reported to have made any mention of race within that bipartisan immigration meeting. How did we get to race when speaking about geographical locations?

Since the facts are on the President’s side of the immigration debate, regardless of how crude his comments were, the Democrats felt they needed to make the subject taboo. They do this by crying racism. They have a similar reaction when conservatives bring up Chicago when debating gun restrictions. Democrats claim it’s a racial “dog-whistle” when Chicago is used to dispel the notion that more gun restrictions reduce gun violence. They do not.

Democrats have completely weaponized the term “racism” and have repeatedly hurled the word towards political opponents that use factual information to dispel liberal conspiracy theories. It’s nothing more than childish name calling meant to stifle debate and the overall public discourse. If a genuine discussion was to be held on immigration, without the liberal name calling, the facts might sway the public to support a more merit based immigration system. This is the fear that is playing out in the Democratic Party today and why they have chosen to use false claims of racism in order to stifle the possibility of fixing a system they have proclaimed is “broken.”

Democrats seem prepared to let the DACA deal die in pursuit of hurting President Trump’s poll numbers. They believe by allowing the DACA deal to die, it will add credibility to their claims of racism thus countering any progress made within minority communities.

But President Trump was never the one that argued for those protections, it was Democrats. How are the “dreamers” going to feel when their protections are squandered due to Democrats not agreeing to the terms of the President, the House, and the Senate? How are they going to feel when those same Democrats who argued for those protections, just let them fall by the wayside in pursuit of hurting Presidential approval ratings?