Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced an investigation into the loss of five months of text message exchanges between disgraced FBI agents Peter Strzok and his mistress with whom he was having an affair with, Lisa Page. Jeff Session’s made the following statement on Monday:

“We will leave no stone unturned to confirm with certainty why these text messages are not now available to be produced and will use every technology available to determine whether the missing messages are recoverable from another source.”

“I have spoken to the Inspector General and a review is already underway to ascertain what occurred and to determine if these records can be recovered in another way. If any wrongdoing were to be found to have caused this gap, appropriate legal disciplinary actions measures will be taken.”

The gap of text messages that the FBI claims to have lost is from December 14, 2016 to May 17, 2017. Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed on May 17, 2017, truly an amazing coincidence. Almost as amazing as Lois Lerner’s e-mails disappearing as she was being investigated for targeting conservative political groups while she was Director of the IRS. Almost as coincidental as Hillary Clinton’s illegal e-mail server being wiped clean of all information prior to the FBI probing it.

The timing is much too convenient and brings with it the suggestion of actions made in haste. The timing is painfully obvious that some within the FBI are trying to cover-up what happened between these two philandering FBI agents, Strzok and Page, and whoever else assisted in this effort.

The explanation the FBI has provided is rather elementary and places the blame on Samsung, a company based in South Korea with no obligation to capture FBI text messages. Here is the explanation from the FBI as relayed by DOJ Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd:

“The Department wants to bring to your attention that the FBI’s technical system for retaining text messages sent and received on FBI mobile devices failed to preserve text messages for Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page from December 14, 2016 to approximately May 17, 2017.”

“The FBI has informed [the Department of Justice] that many FBI-provided Samsung 5 mobile devices did not capture or store text messages due to misconfiguration issues related to rollouts, provisioning, and software upgrades that conflicted with the FBI’s collection capabilities.”

There should be hundreds or even thousands of FBI employees that were given the new Samsung 5. If the FBI’s explanation is valid, then not a single message should be recoverable from any Samsung 5 device issued to other agents within the agency between the dates of December 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017. Unless by another extraordinary coincidence those agents involved in the anti-Trump exchanges were the only one issued this new Samsung device.

We can be certain that at least one American Intelligence Agency has those messages safely stored in their servers, the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA still conducts their metadata collections and is surely to have these messages stored away in their servers. These are messages that must be located, examined, and disseminated among the American people.

Watergate revolved around 18 minutes of missing audio tape. This FBI corruption probe being conducted by the Inspector General now revolves around 5 months of missing text messages.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) made statements to Fox News that referenced a “secret society.”

“The day after the election, the day after what they really, really didn’t want to have happen, there’s a text exchange between [Strzok and Page]… saying, ‘Perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society.’ So, of course I’m going to want to know: What ‘secret society’ are you talking about?”

As these “secret society” meetings began, the text exchanges magically become unrecoverable. However the loss of these exchanges makes something very clear, as the Trump transition team began to take over the White House, these charter members of the deep state began coordinating their efforts to oust the duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.