On Tuesday afternoon, former Governor Chris Christie was denied access to the VIP tunnel at the Newark Liberty International Airport. As reported by WCBS News, Christie was instructed to utilize the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) lines like every other passenger. Christie officially vacated his position as Governor that morning and was no longer conserved a VIP, according to the New York and New Jersey Port Authority. Is anyone surprised about this unfortunate turn of events?

After Bridge-Gate, Beach-Gate, shouting-matches with voters while supporting his Lieutenant Governor’s run for Governor, and arguments with baseball fans with nachos in hand, how could Christie not have seen this one coming? After all, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have control and operate not only the George Washington Bridge but Newark Liberty International Airport. The George Washington Bridge was the focal point of Bridge-Gate in 2013, where Christie was accused of deliberately tying up traffic for political retribution.

Chris Christie should have known that Port Authority was going to exact their revenge and they have every reason to do so, and every excuse as to why. Not only did they have the reason listed above, but Christie is technically no longer a VIP and, as such, should not be given special treatment. His arrogance in attempting to do so is astonishing. Did he forget all of the people in New Jersey that he crossed with the aforementioned scandals?

It would be wise for Christie to walk away quietly, but we all know that is not how Chris Christie is. He must leave with inane comments about how he would have been President if Trump didn’t enter the fray however, he forgets Ted Cruz was runner up in the GOP Primary. We can only hope that Chris Christie will stop attempting to make himself more relevant and finally find his way into the dust bin of history.