Florida Representative and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz spent Monday on CNN defending the government shutdown, which was ultimately blamed on Democrats as it was dubbed “The Schumer Shutdown.”

Wasserman-Schultz appeared on CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin to defend Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) over his caving to the White House’s demands on the recent Continued Resolution to fund the government. Baldwin asked Wasserman-Schultz what the Democratic Party gained in shutting down the government. Wasserman-Shultz replied, “The one thing, I would say, [Schumer] did get is the potential for momentum.”

You read that correct folks. Wasserman-Shultz stated that the Democratic Party’s rationale for shutting down the government was a “potential for momentum.” But where is the momentum? Momentum for what? Political maneuvering? The Democratic Party’s desire to gain political momentum is more important than funding the government and paying the very people that keep our country safe.

The initial claim from congressional Democrats was they intended to hold out for a deal on DACA. The government shutdown began at midnight on Friday evening and ended on Monday afternoon. What changed? What could have possibly changed the minds of Democrats when the main stream media says that 80% of Americans want a deal on DACA?

The Harvard/Harris poll on immigration came out which showed 80% of Americans want less immigration thus, effectively upending the DACA narrative the media has been carrying for the Democrats.

The poll Harvard/Harris released also shows most Americans want immigration to be reduced by almost 2/3 of our current immigration intake; from 1.3 million annually to 500,000 annually.

After this poll came out Democrats changed their tune and messaging. The messaging from Republicans was loud, clear, and logical. Democrats were holding hostage the funding of the United States Government, for an amnesty deal on 800,000 illegal immigrants. While Democrats were fighting for 800,000 illegal immigrants, Republicans were fighting for the 300 million+ Americans citizens.

Democrats were found to be withholding funding that helps the very constituents they claim to represent. They were found to be withholding government funding to get an amnesty deal for a population of illegal immigrants that is represents around .2% of the overall population of the United States.

The caving on behalf of Chuck Schumer and his lot of Democrats handed a very big win to the Trump Administration. The win could have been very subtle however, the Democratic Party decided to shut the government down in an attempt to gain “potential for momentum.” The result was a very public and embarrassing loss for Chuck Schumer and company.

The Continued Resolution passed Monday afternoon will run dry on February 8, three weeks from today. Democrats no longer have leverage and if they wish for President Trump to sign any deal on DACA, he has made it abundantly clear what he wants: end chain migration, end the visa lottery program, and a significant down payment on a wall along the southern border.

Remember, the Democrats crash and burn in the mid-terms without a significant DACA win however, they could also lose if they give up a border wall. President Trump has cornered the Democratic Party on the immigration debate and if he continues his hard-nosed negotiating tactics, he can sew it up for good by April or May of this year.