This past week was saturated with stories about President Trump’s harsh words when holding a bi-partisan discussion on immigration policy in the Oval Office. Democrats are claiming the President used harsh language while Republicans cannot recall the President’s exact words. If the President used the language that has been described by Democrats then I agree, he should have chosen better adjectives from his lexicon. But the language used doesn’t detract from the essence of the argument. Why has the United States’s immigration system, drafted by Democrats in 1965, been selecting immigrant applicants from countries that maintain oppressive and/or totalitarian governments?

Democrats sponsored and argued for the bill that drives our current immigration system. So why does the Democratic Party want to continue the status quo? Why continue with an immigration system that is geared to have a proclivity towards selecting immigrant applicants from downtrodden countries?

Democrats need to import people that are living in destitute conditions. Such bad conditions that they will experience an immediate upgrade should they be accepted into various immigration programs established by the United States. This will allow them to enter into various social programs that will immediately increase their standard of living as compares to the conditions they just immigrated from. As long as members of the Democratic Party continue to advertise their desire to satisfy the immigrant population, whether they be legal or illegal, they will continue to drive new arrivals to their party.

If the United States were to accept immigrants from other developed countries that offer a more educated slate of candidates, there is a larger chance of a more streamlined adaptation to the American workforce. The faster they’re able to adapt and enter the American workforce, the bigger the possibility they will prefer lower taxes which allows them to keep more of their hard-earned money. That’s a problem for Democrats since the Republican Party argues for lower taxes and smaller government.

Do you see the cycle here? It’s a never ending cycle in which Democrats must satisfy the immigrant population before Americans in order to draw new voters to the party. THIS is the precise reason why Democrats do not want a merit based immigration system. A merit based immigration system might deliver an immigrant that is more conscious of climbing up the economic ladder versus being satisfied with the crumbs from Nancy Pelosi’s table. Crumbs, that come in the form of taxpayer funded social programs aimed at not preparing the recipient for the workforce, but preparing them to vote Democrat.

Here is an example which clearly illustrates the analysis above. In March of 2017 the Nebraska Democratic Party organized donation drives for newly arriving refugees. The gift baskets contained various items such as kitchen utensils, and diapers as well as a welcome letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party signed by the chairwoman Jane Kleeb coupled with a voter registration form.

What was the message Democrats intended to deliver?

“Here is a bunch of free stuff provided by the Democratic Party and here is a voter registration form so you can vote for us since we gave you this basket. You see, our group is one of the two listed on the form and not a single Republican is in sight to greet you while you arrive…”

It was an attempt to purchase votes in kind; not with cash but with goods. This was an attempt to provide an incentive to voting for the Democratic Party while suggesting further votes for their party’s candidates will ensure the goods keep-a-comin’. They wanted to be viewed as “heroes” that facilitate refugee arrivals while Republicans are nowhere to be found.

This strategy is reinforced by the vast array of liberal news outlets that carry the message for the Democratic Party on a loop. Leaders of the Democratic Party appear on various main stream media channels proclaiming their unwavering support for the immigrant community, all while making sure not to differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants. These are the news outlets that ignore the economic prosperity President Trump has delivered in his first year in lieu of the First Lady’s choice of high heels and/or the number of Diet Cokes this President has on Air Force One.

President Trump is not suggesting replacing those whom legally immigrated here from one of these downtrodden countries. He is suggesting ways to adjust the current immigration system going forward in an effort improve the United States’ economic vitality thus, making us more competitive in the international marketplace.

Anyone arguing that the President’s harsh words reveal him as a racist has no clue what the word means. Here is the definition of racism as it appears in the Oxford University Dictionary:

Racism – Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

In no way did the President disparage an entire race through calling those countries sh*tholes. In no way did the President suggest his race is better than any other. He did suggest that the United States is a better country from which these immigrants are migrating from, and that stands to reason.

If in fact these places were not as the President described, then why are people risking their lives to flee them? If it’s a utopia as Democrats and other world leaders purport them to be, then why was there an immigration meeting to begin with?

America has more to offer in terms of civil rights, employment prospects, education, social programs, and just about everything else. So why shouldn’t America choose the best and the brightest in terms of immigration applicants? The United States is the only country in the western world that does not operate on a merit based immigration system. It’s imperative to both national security and economic stability to update America’s immigration policy to reflect the rest of the western world.

Lastly, the United States maintains a massive debt which needs to be paired down during this administration. Adding more dependents in the form of uneducated immigrants is vastly counterproductive to America’s collective national interests. It also takes much needed resources out of the hands of American citizens.

“America First” is the Trump policy and nothing the President has done up to this point surprises a single Trump voter. In fact, it is rather satisfying to finally see American citizens be considered the top priority in the United States of America. Finally!