With just a 25% approval rating, Rahm Emanuel needs all the help he can get in order to get reelected in 2019. Even if that means enlisting illegal aliens to illegally vote in local, state, and federal elections.

The program has been dubbed “CityKey” and is designed to bring the “undocumented off of the sidelines.” The reality is, the sidelines is precisely where illegal aliens should be when it comes to American elections. American elections are intended to be decided through the will of the American people. If you are not an American, your will should not be expressed in any American election.

The new ID cards were made specifically with illegal aliens in mind. The CityKey will allow the cardholder to register in local, state, and federal elections while specifically excluding any information that ICE could use to track and/or apprehend suspected illegal aliens. This is a direct attempt to subvert the federal justice system by a mayor who’s seeking reelection and for the sole purpose of reelection.

Since registered voters are unhappy with the Mayor’s accommodations of illegal aliens over American citizens, financial decay throughout the city, and a staggering murder rate that rivals some war-zones, Rahm Emanuel has decided to encourage illegal aliens to vote in his attempts to secure reelection in 2019. Just like the city encourages illegal immigration through being a sanctuary city they now encourage voter fraud through the CityKey program.

In fact, this is a program that facilitates voter fraud. This is an encouragement of foreign meddling that could have an impact on the outcome of any election Chicago takes part in. Whether that election is local, state, or federal, vote counts will be affected.

As of right now, the city of Chicago allows people to register to vote without any identification what-so-ever. But that isn’t good enough for Rahm Emanuel. Now he seeks to encourage and facilitate illegal voting through the CityKey program. There are already Illinois state identification cards for people to use when registering to vote if they lack a valid driver’s license, so why the redundancy?

On Chicago’s city Clerk website, the following excerpt explains the inception of CityKey.

In 2015, a task force was launched to bring together City officials and community groups to develop a program that looked at the barriers that many Chicagoans faced when trying to obtain government-issued ID.

The problem with that statement is that there were never any barriers for a legal resident of the United States to obtain a valid government issued identification in Chicago. Just like every other rational city in America, it will be difficult for illegal aliens to take advantage of benefits of the city in which they are trespassing in.

Here is another excerpt from the Chicago city Clerk’s office website:

While originally created to reduce barriers to those who have difficulty accessing government-issued identification, the Program’s goals have since grown to include discounts and other benefits for all of Chicago’s 2.7 million residents. This means that not only will the Chicago CityKey give Chicagoans the dignity and peace of mind that comes along with having a government-issued ID but it will also have the ability to serve as your key to Chicago: serving as your library card, transit card and benefits card for cultural institutions, sports teams and local businesses

The CityKey program now offers benefits to those whom apply for it. So there is now a monetary incentive for people to obtain the card with various discounts scattered throughout the city. All the while, the city of Chicago is advertising that the CityKey can also act as your key to “vote.”

It will only be a matter of time until those whom hold the CityKey card will be automatically registered to vote. We have already seen similar policies get passed in Maryland which allows for illegal aliens to vote in local elections. A similar issue is occurring in California in which non-citizens are allowed to obtain a valid driver’s license. Those whom hold a California driver’s license are automatically enrolled to vote thus ensuring the voter rolls in California are littered with foreign influence.

For a party that seems so preoccupied with Russian election interference, why on Earth are they seeking to facilitate future meddling on behalf of foreign actors? The answer is clear and the motivations are glaring. If the meddling is aimed at electing a Democrat they will fully embrace it in a similar way that they media has embraced the Russian attempts to sow political discord in America. If the meddling seeks to elect a Democrat the political left and mainstream media will support it. If the political discord can be positioned to hurt a Republican President the political left and mainstream media will fully embrace it.

It seems that Democrats are more concerned with maintaining power through any means necessary rather than maintaining power through the will of the American people. The current administration must address this matter as to ensure future elections are decided through the will of the American people and not the will of foreign invaders.