Democrats are calling the memo released by Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, a “nothing burger.” The reason for this is rather simple, they already knew everything that the memo contained and have realized they were duped into spreading a conspiracy theory that rivals reptilians living in the sewers of Los Angeles. The Democrats on the House Select Committee on Intelligence have seen much of the raw data that Devin Nunes used in order to compile the memo.

Take note. Every Democrat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence voted not to release the Republican memo on FISA court abuses on behalf of the DOJ and FBI. The Democrats have also drafted a rebuttal memo. On Monday, the House Select Committee on Intelligence voted unanimously to release the Democrat rebuttal memo. While every Republican voted to release the Democrats version of the memo, not a single Democrat voted to release the Republican memo.

The Republicans have shown transparency regarding the committee’s findings while Democrats have displayed a desire to hide them. The Republican memo was not only embarrassing for the FBI and DOJ, but every Democrat beating the Russia drum for over a year now. Every Democrat that has come to the realization that their conspiracy theory has been built a rotten foundation is ignoring the release of the Republican memo. They will comment on it, but refuse to details the memo’s contents. That includes the main stream media, who in lockstep labeled the memo a “nothing burger.” It was almost as if various members of the main stream media received a memo of their own instructing them exactly what to say.

Furthermore, Democrats within the House and Senate have completely committed to the Russia conspiracy and have essentially staked their careers on it. They have convinced their base that President Trump colluded with Russia in order to steal the 2016 Presidential election from Hillary Clinton. They believe it with all of their being regardless of there being no evidence to support such audacious claims. They believe it because they were convinced by their Democratic leaders and elected officials.

Republicans, be them conservative or moderate, have witnessed the anger and abject hatred of the far left. The Democrats have seen the destruction some of their supporters can engage in and the last thing they want is to have that anger be directed towards them.

And so they persist. This is the beach many Democrats have decided to die on. Their animus towards President Trump has compelled them to make strong assertions regarding his associations with Russia without offering any supporting evidence. Now they are locked in the conspiracy for better or for worse, and it appears the latter is becoming more and more likely with each reveal coming from the various committee investigations.