Democrats have released their long-awaited memo designed to rebut the Republican memo which outlined FISA court abuses allegedly perpetrated by the FBI and DOJ officials. The Democratic memo did anything but contradict the Republican version and may in fact lend it more credibility.

The Democratic memo claims that officials with the FBI and DOJ “did not abuse Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) process, omit material information, or subvert this vital tool to spy on the Trump campaign.” Unfortunately, they offer nothing to support their assertions.

The Democratic memo also alleges that the Steele dossier was corroborated by independent sources however, we already know who those sources are and how they were able to “corroborate” some of the information.

Christopher Steele was fired as an informant, he was determined to be “non-credible” since he lied to the FBI about meeting with various news agencies in order to leak the dossier. Steele gave the dossier to various media outlets who in turn, posted stories detailing the dossier. These are the pieces of “additional information obtained through multiple independent sources” which they claim backed up the Steele dossier.

This is what we refer to as “circular reporting.” The dossier, which can be largely discredited through publicly available information, was provided by Steel to the FBI. Steele then leaked the dossier to various news outlets in an effort to make it appear as if these stories were independently sourced. However, multiple news outlets have already admitted they met with Steele in order to publish the dossier stories. There was no independent corroboration of the dossier. Christopher Steele was the source for both the FBI and the all of the media reports that detailed the dossier. Christopher Steele now appears to be Putin’s best “unwitting” agent in his campaign to sow discord in America.

James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee also contradicts the House Democrats memo’s claims that the dossier was corroborated prior to its introduction to the FISA court. James Comey testified in June of 2017 that the information contained within the dossier was “salacious and unverified.” The warrant was sought out in 2016. Either Comey perjured himself or the “unverified” dossier was used as the basis for the FISA warrant on Carter Page, which is defrauding the FISA courts. It cannot be both.

The Democratic memo ignores one of the most damning points made within the Republican memo thus lending credibility to Republican assertions of FISA abuse. That FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe testified before the House Select Committee on Intelligence that the FBI would never have sought out a warrant on Carter Page if not for the dossier.

Lastly, the Democrat memo does not address the fact that the FISA court was never informed of who funded the Steele dossier. This is a pivotal fact that the court should have been specifically alerted to. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders weighed in with a similar observation:

“As the Majority’s memorandum stated, the FISA judge was never informed that Hillary Clinton and the DNC funded the dossier that was a basis for the Department of Justice’s FISA application. In addition, the Minority’s memo fails to even address the fact that the Deputy FBI Director told the Committee that had it not been for the dossier, no surveillance order would have been sought.”

As the Grassley/Graham memo supports the House memo with regard to FISA abuse, it appears Adam Schiff (D-CA) and company are asking the American people to “trust them.” They have offered nothing in terms of supporting voices from Senate Democrats nor have they offered anything to support assertions contained within their rebuttal memo. Furthermore they have ignored the most damning assertions made within Republican House memo issued by Devin Nunes and the Republican Senate memo issued by Chuck Grassley and Lindsay Graham.

With dueling versions of what took place in the FISA court, it’s imperative that the American people see the underlying intelligence that allegedly supported the initial FISA application and all subsequent renewals.