Members of the liberal media have apparently received their own memo instructing them to fawn over the murderous sister of Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-Jong. With what appears to be on que, liberal media outlets began cheering for the North Korean dictator’s sister, who is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the hermit kingdom’s propaganda efforts. And the liberal media fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

We included a list of headlines from various liberal media outlets at the bottom of this post.

From the New York Times to Yahoo News, from the Washington Post to CNN, each liberal-leaning media outlet took their turn heaping praise upon the hermit kingdom’s propaganda as if they were completely ignorant to North Korea’s human rights record. Members of the media are clamoring for the “cheerleaders” the North Korean dictator delivered to the games while ignoring the likelihood that each one has family members being held hostage as a means to insure their return.

Liberals in American media have ignored North Korean threats of nuclear annihilation to their homeland in their efforts to destroy and belittle the Trump Administration. Some painted the American Vice President Mike Pence as being overshadowed by the brutal regime’s murder queen as they applauded her attempts at “diplomacy” however, not a single outlet eluded to what they viewed as “diplomacy.” The New York Times wrote the following excerpt to express their laudation of the North Korean murder queen:

“Flashing a sphinx-like smile and without ever speaking in public, Ms. Kim managed to outflank Mt. Trump’s envoy to the Olympics, Vice President Mike Pence, in the game of diplomatic image-making.”

The Times failed to acknowledge that she was likely not allowed to speak in public and had she attempted to do so, she would likely be killed upon her return to North Korea. Possibly with an anti-aircraft gun, just like Kim Jong-Un ordered upon his own uncle.

The main stream media has decided to disagree with President Trump regardless of the issue. President Trump has come down hard on North Korea and for good reason, however the media hates Donald Trump more than the North Korean dictator. As a result, the media sees an opportunity to make the North Korean kingdom seem as if they are being picked on by the Trump Administration. They wish to turn the President into a bully, among many other things, while attempting to turn the hermit kingdom into a victim.

How out of touch can the liberal media become? At this point, it’s not hard to imagine the newspaper of record writing an encomium for Ava Von Braun as long as they were cutting down the Trump Administration while doing so.

Headline List:

The Washington Post headline:

“The Ivanka Trump of North Korea’ captivates people in the South at the Olympics”

Yahoo News headline:

“All swagger and smiles, Kim Jong Un’s mysterious sister gets her star turn at Winter Olympics”

Think Progress sub-headline:

“The VP is reluctant to engage in so much as a handshake, but the Koreas are making historic diplomatic inroads.”

Reuters headline:

“North Korea judged winner of diplomatic gold at Olympics”

CNN headline:

“Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics”

ABC News headline:

“North Korea’s 200-plus cheerleaders steal spotlight at 2018 Winter Olympics with matching outfits, synchronized chants.”

NPR headline:

“Kim Yo Jong is the first member of her family to set foot in South Korea since the north and south were divided and her grandfather, Kim Il Sung, founded North Korea.”