Excerpt from Senator Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) Speech on Senate Floor regarding immigration:

“Take a look next time you go into a nice restaurant in Chicago, a city I’m honored to represent. Look who just cleaned the dishes off the table and when the door swings take a look at who’s in the kitchen doing the dishes… By in large it will be immigrants who are doing those things. Not many of us say to our sons and daughters, ‘I’m hoping a day will come when you decide to go pick fruit for a living.’ Hardly ever hear that because we know its hard back-breaking work and immigrants do the work. So many jobs that they fill are just jobs that Americans aren’t jumping to fill.”

Such a revealing speech by Senator Dick Durban on the Senate floor. Dick Durbin pulled back the curtain on the silent platform of the entire Democratic Party. That is, to preserve the issue of illegal immigration by preserving a broken immigrations system.

Democrats do not want to change the current immigration structure. They believe it heavily favors their political efforts. If DACA is fixed and immigration is reformed Democrats lose an issues they have view as a cornerstone of their platform since 2001. Democrats like the optics of caring for the “Dreamers.” If they truly cared for the Dreamers, as they claim, then they would agree to DACA recipients getting on a pathway towards citizenship while clamping down on border security. If the Democrats truly cared for the Dreamers they would accept the President’s deal for two major reasons.

First, Democrats would get Dreamers more than legal status, they could get then on a pathway to citizenship. Not only would they get 750,000 on a pathway to citizenship, but an additional 1 million that are not currently enrolled. Remember, no new DACA applicants are to be accepted so the President had no obligation to include these folks, but he did. The President did this to display the Democratic Party’s true desire in preserving a broken immigration system.

Secondly, Democrats are obliged to play-up the fact that many of these children were brought to the United States through “no fault of their own.” The sympathy Democrats appear to display at various press conferences should suggest they do not want other children to be find themselves in a similar predicament in the near to distant future. In order to prevent this from happening again we must build a physical barrier coupled with increased electronic barriers however, Democrats are reluctant in doing so. Why? Because not clamping down on the border will insure a return to this very same issue in the near future.

So it is safe to assume that Senator Durbin’s speech had nothing to do with fixing the current immigration system, but to preserve it and weaponized it during election time. He did however, seem to be defending illegal immigration and in a big way.

Legal immigrants are not forced into the position of picking fruit for a living unless their visas were issued for that specific reason. Legal immigrants have a wide range of options available for them to choose from.

What’s more troubling is that Senator Durbin seems complacent with sweatshop wages being paid to these illegal workers as long as they are doing the hard, back-breaking work. Does that sound like compassion to any rational American?

So which party is in the tank for big business? Republicans who want to stop illegal immigration thus stripping big corporations of cheap labor, or Democrats such as Senator Durbin who claim immigrants should do the hard labor while receiving a sweatshop wages from their employer?

One last observation…

Reading deeper into the speech, I cannot help but point out an astonishing observation that would be headline news if a Republican gave the same speech. How is Senator Durbin able to tell whether or not a person who cleared his table is an immigrant? Judging by the Senator’s speech in which he says to “look who just cleaned the dishes off the table,” it appears that he gauges whether or not someone is an immigrant by the color of their skin. That doesn’t seem very “woke” of the dear Senator from Illinois, as the alt-left, liberal-progressives would say.