Members of the mainstream media were very excited at the breaking news of 13 Russian nationals being indicted by Robert Mueller’s grand jury. Surely they were hoping for the indictment to uncover and name members of the Trump campaign that colluded with Russia in order to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. As they read the indictment a deflating reality set in, collusion was no longer a viable possibility.

They began to think of ways to condemn the Trump campaign in some way, shape, or form. They chose not to apologize to Americans for being duped into believing a conspiracy theory that the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign purchased from the Kremlin. Instead they chose to blame Russian meddling on President Trump’s inaction however, President Trump had no governmental power while Russian meddling was taking place. In fact, the meddling operation began in 2014 and continued only under Barack Obama’s watch, an important fact members of the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge.

We now know that Barack Obama was aware of the Russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election and did nothing to thwart those efforts. If the media want’s to blame “inaction” for Russia’s meddling ipso facto they are blaming President Obama since he was President when those efforts were pursued. Members of the media can act like this is President Trump’s second term but not a single American has a memory that short. They will only further destroy their credibility with regard to rational Americans.

The progressive wing of the Democrat’s base, the alt-left, will continue to indulge in the conspiracy theory of Russian collusion because they believe that is the only path to impeachment. Claiming Russian/Trump collusion at this point would be akin to wearing aluminum foil on your head at night to protect one from extraterrestrial mind control but still, they persist.

We now know that there were no Americans who were “wittingly involved” in any of the Russian meddling efforts. Apparently members of the mainstream media had missed the explicit language in the indictment that exonerated “any American of being involved in Russian meddling efforts. Instead of admitting they had been wrong for over a year with regard to the Trump campaign colluding with Russia, various members of the media claimed President Trump has been denying that Russia ever meddled in the election, which is patently false. President Trump has denied colluding with Russia in order to secure the Presidency and has agreed that Russia, and other governments, have attempted to meddle in American elections for quite some time.

We know why the Russia aims to meddle in American elections. That is to sow discord among Americans with regard to political candidates and to deteriorate the credibility of the American election system. The media seemed more than happy to take the bait and drive discord within American discourse, something they seem unrepentant for even though the special counsel has cited Russia’s intent to do so within the indictment.

The indictment from special counsel acts as an indictment on the mainstream media as they refuse to acknowledge how large of a role they played in Russia’s meddling efforts. The mainstream media drove the political discord. They drove the Kremlin’s narrative, which was sold to Hillary Clinton and the DNC, for over a year. Their hatred for the President forced them to dive head-first into a Russian collusion conspiracy theory without having seen nor presented a single shred of evidence to suggest it was ever true. They have proven their hatred for President Trump supersedes any notion to be honest with their viewers. The indictment displays the mainstream media’s inability to serve as objective purveyors of political news.

Obstruction of Justice is no longer a possibility since intent is the deciding factor contained within the law. The latest indictment shows the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia, so why would President Trump fire the Director of the FBI in order to stop an investigation into Russian meddling efforts to which he was never a party too? That would be considered illogical by any rational investigator or observer. Particularly when one takes into consideration that an investigation doesn’t end with the firing of the Director of the FBI, as exemplified by the current state of affairs.

The mainstream media has dug themselves into a hole for over a year. If they accept the truth and admit they were used by Russia as a tool to sow political discord, they would be accepting the “fake news” moniker President Trump has branded them with. By refusing to accept the truth that they were a tool of the Russian meddling campaign, they further prove that their reporting is nothing more than subjective. Allowing their hatred for President Trump to drive their reporting rather than an objective analysis of factual data. The mainstream media created this quagmire and it will be rather interesting to see how they attempt to maneuver out it.