Many people have understood Eminem’s new lyrical fancy to reflect the political left’s platform on gun control. Most objective observers have found this to be a ploy to obtain new, youthful followers as his rap career is circling the drain since he speaks and acts more like a liberal activist than a recording artist.

On Sunday evening at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, Eminem set his sights on lawful gun owners and the NRA, an organization that advocates for gun safety and responsible gun ownership. He was there to perform his new single dubbed, “Nowhere Fast.” Certainly an accurate title from a 45 year-old washed-up rapper touting political activism that is going in the same direction and speed as his new single.

As Eminem took the stage he targeted lawful gun owners, “Gun owners clutching their loaded weapons. They love their guns more than our children.” He then took aim at the NRA, “This whole country is going nuts and the NRA is in our way. They’re responsible for this whole production. They hold the strings, they control the puppet.”

But let us take a look at Eminem’s lyrics when he was in the height of his career and was in not in such desperate need for new followers. What type of activism did he contribute to then? What did Eminem aim to inspire when he was a leader versus now, as a mundane follower of the political left?

Let us take a look at the song named “I’m Back” from his hit album, “The Marshal Mather’s LP.” This album was released on May 23rd of 2000, just one year, one month, and three days after the massacre at Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colorado. The following excerpt is from verse 2 of Eminem’s song, “I’m Back”:

“I take each individual degenerate’s head and reach into it just to see if he’s influenced by me, if he listens to music
And if he feeds into this shit, he’s an innocent victim.
And becomes a puppet on the string of my tennis shoe.”

The following excerpt is from verse three of Eminem’s, “I’m Back”:

“I take seven kids from Cloumbine
Stand ‘em all in a line, add an AK47, a revolver, and a 9
A Mac11 and it oughta solve the problem of mine
And that’s a whole school of bullies shot up at one time”

And it appears Eminem’s vision of this type of behavior may have come to fruition in August of 2015 when police arrested a 15-year-old boy in Fresno, California after he posted an Instagram using the very same lyrics posted above. As a result of the online threats, Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 classes were cancelled at both San Joaquin Memorial High School and St. Anthony’s Catholic School.

The boy was charged with making terrorist threats and for disrupting school activities. The police subsequently launched an investigation of the boy’s house and found numerous guns, ammunition, and a bullet proof vest.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer held a press conference in that he stated investigators had “every reason to believe that there was potential for a threat to be carried out.” Chief Dyer made reference to the boy’s “socially awkward” and “loner” characteristics. Chief Dyer continued, “These are really all of the things we look for in individuals that historically have been involved in incidents like Columbine.” He then added, “So we are very fortunate that this was brought to our attention.”

Of course, we are not saying that Eminem inspired the actions of a possible school shooter. However we do point out that if Eminem was sincere about his advocacy for gun laws, then his own words would not have been used as a credible terroristic threat by a possible school shooter.

Eminem didn’t start his gun-law advocacy until after the “Resistance” started and it miraculously coincided with the release of his latest album, “Revival.”

“Revival” has been anything but a revival as it has been his lowest selling album since he began his career with only 267,000 album sales in the opening week as opposed to a previous album, Marshall Mathers LP II, which raked in 792,000 in its opening week. The sales data coupled with irrelevance makes it clear as to why Eminem decided to sell out to the politically correct establishment he once berated.

The vast majority of Eminem’s lyrics promote drug use, domestic abuse towards women, and hatred of homosexuals. So the left embracing Eminem’s new activism serves as yet another example of the glaring hypocrisy that characterizes the liberal movement.