CNN has been criticized in the past by numerous conservative outlets regarding fake news and extreme liberal biases however, it appears the beleaguered network is now taking the same heat from two arenas most people would consider CNN allies, academia and late night.

Late Night host Stephen Colbert had taken issue with CNN on Thursday evening and decided to use his platform to point out yet another stellar example of CNN reporting and the arduous lengths to which they go in order to verify their stories. Colbert blasted the network as “fake news.”

“Last night, we had my old friend Dana Carvey on the show, and he did a fantastic impression of the new National Security Advisor, Jon Bolton,” said Colbert. He went on to show a screenshot CNN ran Thursday morning with a headline stating, “Look Who’s Playing John Bolton on SNL.”

That is correct. CNN ran this headline on a Thursday morning as if Saturday replaced Wednesday in some miraculous way. Maybe CNN believes that Wednesday now “identifies” as Saturday, so they were only appeasing Wednesday’s new found liberalism. In the world of fake news the days of the week maybe in a different order. But if CNN wishes to credibly report on the reality the rest of us operate in, they should follow the traditional sequence we have learned and still follow today. Just another example of a story that CNN did not validate, verify, or even proof read.

The week was not yet done with CNN. As one ally finished his accusations of CNN being “fake news,” academia decided to chime in with accusations of liberal bias and tawdry coverage of the Stormy Daniels ordeal.

On Friday Respected DePauw University Professor Jeffrey McCall penned an op-ed in The Hill blasting CNN for its unrelenting coverage of President Trump’s alleged sexual indiscretions that are claimed to have taken place over ten years ago. Allegations the administration has vehemently denied from the outset.

McCall’s op-ed, “CNN lost its way in struggle to find an audience,” focuses on the liberal bias the network has seized on since the election of Donald Trump. McCall also points to recent programming decisions such as the promotion of an anti-Trump anchor, Chris Cuomo, as blatantly out of touch with the pulse of America. In fact, McCall criticized the entire primetime lineup CNN has employed. “CNN will have back-to-back evening anchors representing elite, east coast, powerful families,” wrote McCall.

McCall makes an amazing point here. Everyone knows that CNN is a left leaning network, they cannot hide it and seem to have no desire to do so. However if they wish to make inroads with middle-class Americans, as the Democratic Party desperately needs, they need primetime anchors that are capable of relating to middle America.

Chris Cuomo is the son of Democratic Party icon Mario Cuomo and the younger brother of the current Governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo. Anderson Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt, an heiress of the Vanderbilt’s shipping and railroad fortune. Neither Cuomo nor Cooper have an ability to relate to middle-class America however, CNN has decided to load their primetime schedule with liberal elitist whose family ties have helped garner comfortable lifestyles. “Yet CNN will still wonder why working class viewers and people in the heartland can’t relate to its on-air talent,” McCall added.

“CNN’s warped obsession with reporting about supposed adultery demonstrates a larger problem at the once-proud and groundbreaking channel,” claimed McCall. Professor McCall went onto blast the quality of CNN’s coverage regarding the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal ordeals. “There might well be journalism to be had in the sagas of McDougal and Daniels, but CNN has found little of it,” blasted professor McCall.

McCall went onto point out the blatant publicity grab of Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti. “It has apparently not occurred to the CNN producers that Avenatti is playing them for all the publicity he can get,” wrote McCall. Many people voiced the same opinion after Stormy Daniels appeared in a tell-all 60 Minutes interview which seems to have had no effect on President Trump in any way. The interview was built up as to expose new revelations behind the alleged affair however, viewers were left deflated as no new information was revealed. Both the Karen McDougal interview and the Stormy Daniels interview was conducted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, adding more credibility to McCall’s claims.

McCall’s op-ed also points out CNN’s unique unbalanced approach to the McDougal and Daniels ordeals as compared to major news coming from the halls of government. “In the run-up and aftermath to the recently passed government spending bill, CNN mentioned McDougal and Daniels more than three times as often as the spending bill,” wrote McCall. “The spending bill, of course, isn’t photogenic, but it impacts citizens way more than a playmate model,” decried McCall.

With CNN’s ratings in the tank and its mind in the toilet, McCall concluded what most of us have with regard to CNN. “A journalistic conclusion that Trump is a cad hardly moves the ‘this is news’ needle on the public barometer,” McCall wrote. “CNN’s focus is not the new, but on distracting itself and the nation’s news consumers with peripheral and sensational gibberish that fails to enhance the national dialogue,” claimed McCall.

In essence, McCall did a bang-up job objectively dismantling CNN and its on-air “talent.” He even touched on the theatrics of Jim Acosta as he claimed the White House correspondent is “working hard to be the Trump administration’s harshest antagonist.”

Professor Jeffrey McCall closed his op-ed with the following statement:

“The nation could benefit from the CNN of yesteryear. Real news with real journalists running the show. There is a place for a cable news channel to fit in between MSNBC and Fox News. For that to happen, CNN must embark on a reinvention of itself. That seems unlikely with the current leadership and current anchor talent in place.”