Another significant revelation today in the Trump/Russia dossier authored by retired MI6 agent, Christopher Steele. This time coming from across the pond.

On Wednesday, a London court ordered retired MI6 agent and author of the infamous Trump/Russia dossier, Christopher Steele, to submit to a line of questioning from American attorneys suing him for libel on behalf of a Russian entrepreneur Aleksej Gubarev. The senior master, better known as a judge in the United States, announced that the court had “come to the conclusion that Mr. Steele does have relevant evidence to give for trial in the U.S. proceedings.”

In the dossier, Christopher Steele alleges that Gubarev directly participated in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s servers. As a result of the accusation, which was published by Buzzfeed without any verification or validation of any kind, Gubarev has filed suit in England and in the United States citing respective libel laws.

Christopher Steele has contended that British law prohibits former MI6 agents from testifying in court, a claim the London court has outright rejected. “On Mr. Steele’s behalf it was said that the examination would be prohibited by English law which is untrue,” stated a 39-page order from the High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench, which was obtained by the Washington Times. The case is scheduled for trial this coming up August.

One of the more revealing aspects of Wednesday’s court proceeding revolved around the credibility of the dossier. The court has announced they presume the allegations outlined in the dossier to be false, a presumption that neither Steele nor his lawyers have contested in any way. Steele is no longer contending the allegations in his dossier to be true and seems to accept the unrelenting allegations of it being a work of fiction. An excerpt from the order states the following:

“In the [Queen’s Bench] proceedings the key issue is whether Mr. Steele/Orbis were responsible for the publication of the defamatory statement. Thus, the factual enquiry in the English proceedings will not focus on the truth or falsity of the defamatory allegation which is presumed to be false, and the QB Defendants have not contended otherwise.”

It appears that Christopher Steele is cooked in London as the libel suit in England revolves around whether or not Steele produced the dossier for Buzzfeed to publish. Christopher Steele was an informant for the FBI and was summarily fired for leaking the dossier to various news outlets, of which Buzzfeed was the first to publish. The FBI discontinued communications with Steele as he was no longer deemed credible to their investigation.

Steele will also have a difficult time in Florida as well. Most lawyers would not bring a libel suit in the United States without hard, substantial evidence that prove allegations made against their client were false and defamatory. It appears that Mr. Gubarev has been pursuing this libel case with strong evidence in hand which could outright prove Christopher Steele fabricated his infamous dossier.

It would be wise to look at how important credibility is to a business like Orbis Business Intelligence, Christopher Steele’s London-based private intelligence firm. A firm like Steele’s Orbis Business Intelligence does not advertise the way we are used seeing on television. They typically have word-of-mouth advertising which hinges on the credibility and relevance of the information they provide to their clients. In this case it appears that client was initially Hillary Clinton and the DNC through a law firm named Perkins Coi however, that client list was expanded with the inclusion of the FBI. Providing a fabricated dossier to the FBI in an attempt to incriminate the President elect of the United States is not considered “good marketing” with regard to the intelligence community. Especially since pieces of that dossier have been publicly debunked thus chipping away at their clients credibility. In this case the FBI.

A dossier of this immense fame, authored by Orbis’ founding Director Christopher Steele, being outed in English Court proceedings as false without any objection by Steele or the Orbis attorneys is extremely telling. An intelligence gathering firm that hinges on credibility would be compelled to object unless they know what they provided was false. Because at the end of the day, Orbis and its attorneys realize it’s better for their work to be deemed non-credible in a court of law than to be subject to prison by lying to that same court of law.

Mr. Steele also made efforts in limiting the amount of time he was to be deposed by both Gubarev’s and Buzzfeed’s attorneys, but the senior master did not appease his requests. The senior master has granted seven hours of questioning of which a place and time has yet to be determined. Christopher Steele’s time is running out and is still dodging cameras, reporters, and the general public, which goes against the media’s narrative that he is merely a “noble ally with America’s best interests in mind.”