There is a very good reason why most of us choose not to use children as pawns in order to achieve a larger political goal. That is because history coupled with experience has lead us to understand that children do not think rationally before acting, speaking and sometimes even thinking. Many of our own childhoods would serve as ample evidence of such.

But the political left has done just that. Wrangled children with liberal political proclivities in order to champion their stance on gun control.  As many of us have read, Planned Parenthood, Gifford’s, MoveOn, EveryTown, and even the Women’s March L.A. have drafted the leaders of the March for Our Lives and even facilitated the protest in every way they possibly could.

We keep hearing these children say that they do not want to repeal the Second Amendment but rather to inspire politicians to enact “common sense gun laws.” It’s amazing that they have adopted the same exact talking points that the political left has used for years now, but what’s more amazing is how fast these children have contradicted themselves while speaking, or even tweeting.

Cameron Kasky, co-founder of the Never Again movement, managed to contradict himself on Twitter in a matter of just eleven minutes. On Tuesday, March 27 at 6:33 am Kasky retweeted the opinion article by former Justice John Paul Stevens in which he calls for a full repeal of the Second Amendment along with an accompanying message:

Cameron Kasky‏Verified account @cameron_kasky Mar 27 … Not what we’re going for here, but very interesting considering who wrote it. Feel free to give it a read. I don’t feel the same way, but it’s an interesting point of view.


In a matter of just eleven minutes, Kasky does a complete 180 and claims that he doesn’t want to listen to the Constitution, insinuating that it’s outdated:

Cameron Kasky‏Verified account @cameron_kasky Mar 27

The second amendment was written when African Americans were still considered 3/5ths of a person… As a matter of fact, if you read it, it didn’t even call them African Americans; it called them “Other Persons” I really don’t want to listen to 200 years ago for EVERYTHING


We have been repeatedly told that the goals of this movement is not to repeal the Second Amendment however, there were thousands of protest signs calling for just that in the March for Our Lives protest. Why were those signs allowed to participate if the march was not for a repeal of the Second Amendment?

The angle being used by the political left is very clear to see once you acknowledge the facts that surround the debate. According to FBI statistics, rifles only account for 3% of gun deaths in the United States in 2016 while handguns accounted for 66% of gun deaths. The vast majority of school shootings have been carried out with the use of handguns rather than rifles.

If the anti-gun movements succeed in banning what they deem “assault rifles,” regardless of that being a generic term that carries of true definition, they will move to ban handguns next. How do we know this? Because the school shootings will not stop.

Since handguns are more commonly used in school shootings while the political left works to ensure that schools remain soft targets, we are sure to see more school shootings. As soon as another school shooting happens, which statistically will be carried out with a handgun, they will pounce into action again. This time calling for a ban on the type of gun that they will claim is, “responsible for most of the school shootings in America.” They will blame the gun again and they will vilify lawful gun owners again. We will refrain this entire scenario, but they will substitute “assault rifles” with hand guns. You can bet your bottom dollar on it. The ramifications of any type of repeal of the Second Amendment will result in further decay of these United States of America. But that just maybe a de facto goal of some on the political left as well.