Planned Parenthood cares not for anything but their own abortion agenda, for that is how they are known best. But their latest attempt at being provocative seems more like an egregious attempt at indoctrinating the young, impressionable Disney audience.

Below is a screenshot of Planned Parenthood’s Keystone branch which includes the statement, “We need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion.”


We all know how young girls look up to the Disney Princesses. Throughout America one can locate numerous outlets that sell costumes meant to make a little girl feel like their favorite Disney princess.

The admiration of Disney princesses from little girls all around the world foments a desire to mimic their behaviors and/or actions, a very clear sentiment that Planned Parenthood seeks to take advantage of in the most heinous of ways. In essence, Disney is a very influential outlet for children and Planned Parenthood is looking to seize on it.

The fact that Planned Parenthood is seeking to push abortion on young impressionable minds is bad enough in and of its self. But to suggest inserting a vehemently debated political issue into Disney animations is akin to what we have seen over the past week. This tweet by Planned Parenthood, which has since been deleted, opens a huge window into the liberal movement’s intent as it pertains to America’s youth.

Planned Parenthood was trying to capitalize on the momentum they and the liberal movement achieved in the March for Our Lives protest. Yes, Planned Parenthood helped fund the March for Our Lives protest. Some other far-left leaning organizations such as Move On, Gifford’s Courage to Fight, Women’s March, EveryTown, and Mom’s Demand Action also assisted in facilitating and funding the March for Our Lives protest. In addition, Deena Katz, Co-Executive Director of The Women’s March Los Angeles Foundation, is also President of the board that assists March for Our Lives determine how to spend its donations.

So it appears that Planned Parenthood attempted to work their way into the good graces of America’s youth by funding and facilitating their protest against the Second Amendment. This morning they attempted to segue those students into pro-choice pawns in Planned Parenthood’s sick game of abortion. Planned Parenthood has yet again confirmed that they hold nothing sacred, especially the youth of America.