The Broward County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association convened on Thursday to hold a vote on whether or not they maintain confidence in Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. In an overwhelming vote of 534 to 94, the Deputies Association voted “no confidence” in Sheriff Scott Israel.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association has announced they will ask Florida Governor Rick Scott to remove Israel as a result over his handling of the Parkland shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School.

The President of the Deputies Association Jeff Bell stated that this was the “union’s first vote of no confidence against a sheriff.”

WPBF Investigative Reporter, Terri Parker, stated that the union labeled Sheriff Scott Israel a liar and that deputies were demoralized as the police force was vastly understaffed.

Sheriff Scott Israel appeared before a CNN panel following the shooting in which he lashed out at lawful gun owners and the NRA, an organization that endorses gun safety, as the issue behind the mass shootings. Many inconsistencies were found to have been made by the Sheriff in the days and weeks following the shooting. One of the more glaring inconsistencies was how the Sheriff’s deputies were ordered to stand down and await backup rather than to confront the shooter immediately. Many have speculated that, had department protocol been followed, more lives would have been saved.

This is not the first time Sheriff Scott Israel has come under fire. He was also accused of massive corruption two years ago after it was found that Sheriff Israel was rewarding his top political supporters and their family members with cushy jobs that paid salaries upwards around $80,000. The Broward County Sheriff is an elected post, which explains why so many Broward Sheriff Deputies’ squad cars are adorned with Sheriff Israel’s face. When confronted with the corruption Sheriff Israel paraphrased a line from Game of Thrones, “lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.”

Well, it appears that Broward County’s Deputies decided to throw that self-proclaimed “lion” to the wolves. Some of the major failures of Sheriff Israel are what made the mass-shooting as Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School possible. A “no confidence vote” was to be expected.

The question now becomes; how much longer are the people of Broward County to live under the protections of a Sheriff that doesn’t instill confidence in 85% of his deputies? How long will it take for Governor Rick Scott to remove this disgrace of a man from office? With each day that passes, the citizens of Broward County, Florida are living under a Sheriff that has lost the confidence of those who serve under him.  Governor Rick Scott needs to act immediately as to ensure the citizens of Broward Country are living under the protection of a competent Sheriff whose primary goal is to protect and serve, not campaigning and reelection.