The White House Correspondents Dinner is supposed to be a lighthearted gathering of journalists celebrating a free press while acknowledging vigorous journalism and scholarship honorees, with a little light comedy sprinkled in of course. Saturday night’s gala was anything but a celebration of objective journalism as Michelle Wolfe, the “comedian” invited by the White House Correspondents’ Association, descended into a hate-filled, profanity laced, and partisan attack on Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

“I actually really like Sarah. I think she’s very resourceful,” said the self-proclaimed comedian. “She burns facts and then she uses the ash to create a perfect smoky eye,” said Wolf. “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its lies. It’s probably lies,” said the former Daily Show writer. “I’m never really sure what to call Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. Is it Sarah Sanders? Is it Sarah Huckabee? Is it cousin Huckabee? Is it Auntie Huckabee Sanders? Like, what’s the Uncle Tom but for white women who disappoint other white women?”

Wolf portrayed the bully/mean-girl role very well. Going so far as to show her abject stupidity by using the word, “like,” as if she were auditioning for a sequel to Clueless.

Her jokes drew a very rare laugh as most members of the audience found her routine truly deplorable. The only people laughing at Wolf’s jokes were Wolf herself and other members of the media who have little to no dignity, and it shows in their work. The very few that praised Wolf’s performance were pathetic Hollywood elitist who have already displayed their ignorance with regard to political policies. People like Rob Reiner and Jimmy Kimmel, both of which were eager to display absolute ignorance with regard to the Healthcare debate. Kimmel went so far as to exploit his own child’s health problems in order to gain approval from the political left and Rob Reiner suggested that democracy hangs by a thread when Trump nixed the un-Constitutional ObamaCare mandate. Actually Mr. Reiner that is the very definition of democracy.

The White House Correspondents’ Association issued a statement on Sunday distancing themselves from Michelle Wolf. “Last night’s program was meant to offer a unifying message about our common commitment to a vigorous and free press while honoring civility, great reporting and scholarship winners, not to divide people,” said the President of the WHCA, Margaret Talev. “Unfortunately, the entertainer’s monologue was not in the spirit of that mission,” said Talev.

The WHCA’s statement also addressed concerns over the optics that a performance like Wolf’s brought to the Washington media. Recent polling numbers from Poynter found that one-third of Americans think the media is an “enemy of the people,” and many have said Wolf’s performance adds fuel to that fire.

“I have also heard from members expressing dismay with the entertainer’s monologue and concerns about how it reflects on our mission,” said the statement. “Every day we are working hard to advocate for our members and ensure coverage that benefits the public,” the statement reads.

Following the WHCA statement, President Trump issued a statement of his own via Twitter. “The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was a failure last year, but this year was an embarrassment to everyone associated with it,” tweeted the President. “Put Dinner to rest or start over,” exclaimed President Trump.

The liberal bias coupled with childish insults has lead President Trump to neglect attending the White House Correspondents Dinner, and Michelle Wolf perfectly embodied his reasoning. President Trump lead Monday morning with a tweet declaring the annual dinner is now “DEAD as we know it.”

“The White House Correspondent’s Dinner is DEAD as we know it. This was a total disaster and an embarrassment to our great Country and all that it stands for. Fake NEWS is alive and well and beautifully represented on Saturday night!” – President Donald Trump via Twitter, April 30, 2018

Maggie Haberman, a prominent liberal New York Times journalist, also found the performance reprehensible while praising Sarah Sanders for withstanding the verbal assault. “That @PressSec sat and absorbed intense criticism of her physical appearance, her job performance, and so forth, instead of walking out, on national television, was impressive,” tweeted Haberman.

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of Morning Joe, also chimed in with disgust for Wolf’s performance. “Watching a wife and mother be humiliated on national television for her looks is deplorable,” tweeted Brzezinski. “All women have a duty to unite when these attacks happen and the WHCA owes Sarah an apology,” said the MSNBC anchor.

Wolf has only responded with a facetious tweet that mocks the morally sound judgement of those who have rightfully called her out for using bully tactics. “Why are you guys making this about Sarah’s looks? I said she burns facts and uses the ash to create a *perfect* smoky eye. I complimented her eye makeup and her ingenuity of materials,” tweeted Wolf.

To be honest, the conservative movement should be thanking Michelle Wolfe for ripping the mask off of the vast majority of the liberal movement. She embodied so much of the hatred and disdain that so many liberals traffic in today. Those who regard Wolf as “just a comedian telling jokes” reveal themselves as irrational defenders of using bully tactics against those they politically disagree with.