North and South Korea are negotiating plans to make an astonishing announcement in the coming week: a permanent end to the constant state of war which has been waged for 68 years now, according to various reports.

As it stands right now, North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are scheduled to meet on April 27 in the border village of Panmunjom, also known as ‘Truce Village.’ This will only be the third summit of its kind and the second to take place since President Donald Trump was inaugurated. Many have speculated that Kim’s willingness to hold such a discussion comes in the wake of President Trump’s harsh rhetoric towards the North Korean Dictator after President Trump ended the “strategic patience” strategy of past administrations.

A success in the April 27 meeting between the two respective Korean leaders could very well pave the way for President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un to discuss the possibility of the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

This past March, a South Korean delegation was sent to Pyongyang in order to speak with Kim Jong-un. The South Korean delegation then traveled to Washington D.C carrying an invitation for President Trump to meet with Kim Jong-un. A meeting could very well take place in the coming weeks, possibly as early as May.

North and South Korea have technically been in a state of war since the Korean War ended with a truce in 1953. Many random bouts have occurred since the truce was negotiated however, they have avoided resorting to all-out war.

“Ending the state of conflict is the core of the whole thing. Peace is as complicated as denuclearization,” says John Delury, an associate professor of Chinese studies at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, reported Bloomberg. “There also needs to be a process of delivering peace,” he added.

The major issues that need to be addressed in the immediate future would be the heavily fortified areas along the Demilitarized Zone and the constant state of suspicion between the two nations. Moving nuclear weapons off of South Korea would be in play however, the removal of American troops should be a non-starter as the North’s history makes it impossible to rely on their promises alone.

A South Korea official has signaled their intent to have security officials revisit Pyongyang ahead of the summit as to ensure Kim’s commitment to denuclearization, as reported by Reuters.

“Even though our special envoys confirmed his denuclearization will, it is entirely different if the two leaders confirm it directly among themselves and put that into text,” Moon Jae-in’s Chief of Staff, Im Jong-seok. He continued, “We expect the summit will confirm the denuclearization will of North Korea.”

North Korea has been defying United Nation’s resolutions and sanctions in pursuit of developing an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of striking the United States mainland. They have tested nuclear weapons in defiance of the international community and has further isolated its self by doing so. The new attitude that North Korea seems to be displaying as of right now should be refreshing to the entire world, but it’s not receiving the attention that it rightfully deserves.

These new developments should be rocking the headlines as this has been the most progress made with North Korea since its inception. But the media sees a problem here and it has nothing to do with North Korea. Their problem is that President Trump is the one who seems to have corralled Kim Jong-un, and that kills the mainstream media.

President after President have failed the North Korean test, but not President Trump. Not the President the media has claimed should be removed via the Twenty-Fifth Amendment as it pertains to his mental state. After suggesting President Trump is not mentally fit for office, reporting on the progress taking place in North Korea would be extremely damaging to their credibility moving forward. Most notably since they would have to credit President Trump in order to objectively report the story. Imagine that, a President the mainstream media called crazy solving the North Korean problem?

In 1987 there was another President who solved a similar issue in Berlin, Germany who was also called crazy by the media, his name was Ronald Reagan. It seems that for members of the mainstream media, giving credit where credit is due is becoming an embarrassing task to undertake.