On Friday evening President Trump signed a memorandum ordering an end to the troublesome immigration policy known as “catch and release.” President Trump also tapped Defense Secretary General Jim Mattis to bring forth a list of military installations that could be utilized to detain illegal immigrants.

Under “catch and release” policies, those who are caught crossing the border illegally are apprehended, processed then released into the United States population with the promise they will return for immigration hearings. Often times, the court date will be as much as two years away from the date in which they were originally processed. The overall default rate for these immigration proceedings typically hovers between 30% – 40%.

Such a high default rate allows for a massive amount of illegal immigrants who cannot be assumed to have America’s best interests in mind. After all, they are refusing to acknowledge their promise to appear before the immigration court. They not only crossed the border illegally, they also defaulted on a court date which should qualify them for immediate deportation. That is, once they are found and apprehended.

This is precisely what President Trump is seeking to end, the enabling of illegal immigration. “Catch and release” enables illegal border crossings because they are released into the population instead of detained to await immigration proceedings. When illegal immigrants are released into the U.S. population they become a burden to the American taxpayer through gaining access to various social programs. As a result, they constrain public resources at a time when America’s ledgers are in the red.

The recent Omnibus bill the President signed does not help America’s debt nor does it do anything for illegal immigration. In fact, the Omnibus spending bill hamstrung the President’s agenda regarding illegal immigration which is why the President is exploring military options.

The 2018 Omnibus spending bill effectively prevents the President from using any of the $1.3 trillion on constructing a border wall that resembles any of the prototypes as well as restricting the President from building new detention centers for illegal immigrants.

President Trump is attempting to work around the stipulations outlined within the Omnibus by ordering Defense Secretary General Jim Mattis to draw up a list of possible military installations that can be used as detention centers for housing illegal immigrants apprehend at the border.

The end of “catch and release” comes only months after the Supreme Court ruled that immigrants can be held indefinitely without any bond hearings, regardless of permanent legal status or requests for asylum. This Supreme Court ruling paved the way for President Trump to enact new policies regarding the apprehension of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

No longer will illegal immigrants be released into the population which allows them to take advantage of resources that Congress appropriates for American citizens. They may very well be housed inside of a detention center until their court date arrives which again, can take up to two years.

The detention of illegal immigrants apprehended at the border will most certainly deter future considerations to do the same. It’s highly likely that many will request repatriation instead of waiting out their court date within a detention center.

With the end of “catch and release” the United States can begin to properly address illegal immigration while reestablishing America’s sovereignty.