The founders of the political research company hired by the Hillary Clinton for America campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the commission of the Steele dossier, Fusion GPS, have penned an op-ed in the New York Times urging readers to “set aside Russian Collusion.” The duo offer a new conspiracy theory while offering no evidence to support their ‘call to action.’

Peter Fritsch and Glenn R. Simpson founded the research firm Fusion GPS, who was hired by the Hillary Clinton for America campaign and the DNC in order to compile a fabricated dossier which alleged numerous unsubstantiated accusations which included collusion with the Russian government in order to steal the 2016 presidential election. No evidence was ever gathered in support of the claims nor have they ever been validated by United States intelligence services nor the thousands of investigative journalists that have attempted to chase the story down.

Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch opened the op-ed with the following paragraph:

“Put aside Russian collusion for a moment. Press pause on possible presidential obstruction of justice. Forget Stormy Daniels. The most significant recent development involving the president may be that the special counsel, Robert Mueller, has subpoenaed Trump Organization business records as part of his inquiry into Russian interference in the presidential election.”

And then they offer a new conspiracy theory to which it took a big imagination and a lot of tin foil to reach:

“Those documents – and records seized by the FBI from the president’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen – might answer a question raised by the president’s critics: Have certain real estate investors used Trump-branded properties to launder the proceeds of criminal activity around the world?”

Apparently Mr. Simpson and Mr. Fritsch were unaware of recently breaking news that undercut their theory before they even offered it to readers of the New York Times. Not long ago we found out that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has already alerted President Trump that he is not a target of the Cohen raids nor the special counsel probes. Had Simpson and Fritsch paid closer attention to the news that debunks their fabricated dossier, they could have spared themselves some major embarrassment.

The Trump Organization’s business records requested by the special counsel were turned over without protest, nearly 1.5 million documents to date. There was no need for a raid since the Trump Organization was fully cooperating with the special counsel’s office. This is precisely why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein notified the President that he is not the target in the Cohen raids raids.

Furthermore, if President Trump is not the target of the Cohen raids then President Trump’s records will be considered “off-limits” to investigators looking into Michael Cohen’s personal business dealings. As of right now, a judge is weighing the possibility of an independent investigator(s) known as a “taint team” to sift through the seized documents in order to determine what is considered attorney-client privilege and what will be made available to investigators.

Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch are attempting to conflate two very separate issues that have very little entanglements. The Cohen raids pertain to possible bank fraud and wire fraud, which means Cohen was probably banking money off-shore as to avoid paying taxes. The Special counsel did not order the raid on Michael Cohen, they merely passed evidence along to the U.S. Attorney representing the Southern District of New York who then requested the FBI to conduct the raid with permission from DOJ.

This means that the special counsel believed that the evidence pertaining to Cohen was out of their investigatory scope thus, passed it on to the U.S. Attorney representing the Southern District of New York. Had those raids targeted President Trump, you can bet your bottom dollar the special counsel would have carried them out. And the drama wouldn’t play-out before a judge in the Southern District of New York. It would have been brought before one of the two grand juries the special counsel has already empaneled.

In their op-ed, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch seem to acquiesce to the fact that Russian collusion and obstruction of justice are out of the realm of possibility however, they want to offer the “Resist” movement something to hold out hope for. But Democrats should be furious with these two political dirt diggers. Simpson and Fritsch are the ones who supplied the false narrative that is currently draining the “Resist” movement of any hope of a President Donald Trump impeachment. These two men fanned the flames of false hopes and now that it appears the special counsel is reaching the end of the road without any findings pertaining to the President, they want to clear another path.

But their credibility has already folded like a cheap lawn-chair. A London court has presumed the entire dossier to be a complete fabrication without so much as an objection from Christopher Steele, Steele’s attorneys, nor Fusion GPS.  Their op-ed reads more like an admission of failure while attempting retain approval from the “Resist” movement by offering up yet another possible way to impeach President Trump. A day of impeachment that, now seems, will never come to pass. But let not your heart be still, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch still want Democrats to hold out hope that our country is someday torn apart even further than we are today.