As the United States and Israel marked a historic opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, Hamas instructed Palestinians to conduct violent demonstrations at the Israeli border and breach the fence if possible. This was not a protest, it was a riot. There were 60 deaths as a result of the violent uprising and the numerous attempts to breach the border fence. We now know through the terror network it’s self that 50 of those killed were militants of Hamas, a group designated a terrorist organization by the United States, Israel, and the European Union.

On Wednesday, a senior Hamas official admitted that many of those killed by Israeli soldiers during the riots were indeed Hamas militants. Salah Bardawil, the Hamas official who made the admission, told private Palestinian news outlet Balanda TV that 50 of the “protesters” killed in Monday’s riots were members of Hamas and other deaths being “from the people.”

The Israeli government stated that Hamas official Salah Bardawil, through his public statements to Balanda TV, has proven that Israeli forces acted appropriately and proportionally to the massive attempt to breach the border. Israel has often claimed that Hamas encourages weekly protest at the border in order to provide cover to carry out terror attacks.

Many people may have images of plumes of black smoke burned in their memory as it pertains to the riots that happened on the Israeli/Gaza border. The reason why they burn tires is because the black smoke provides cover from Israeli forces for Hamas militants to plant IEDs along the border fence. Whenever they burn tires, there are nefarious intentions involved.

“It was clear to Israel and now it is clear to the whole world that there was no popular protest; this was an organized mob of terrorists organized by Hamas,” said Emmanuel Nahshon, Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman.

“They are not defending us from civilian demonstrations,” tweeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “The Hamas spokesperson said today that about 50 of the 60 who were killed are Hamas operatives. We have similar figures,” wrote Netanyahu.

In a follow up tweet Netanyahu stated that “Israel will continue to defend itself for as long as necessary and will not allow those who call for its destruction to storm its borders and threaten our communities. We will defend the State of Israel.”

Hamas spokesman Salah Bardawil issued a rebuttal statement which accused Israel of “legitimizing the killing of Palestinians just because they are Palestinians or just because they are Hamas, even if they were unarmed and defending their dignity and rights.”

The Israeli Army released a video on Tuesday which showed rioters detonating numerous explosions near or around the border fence. Israeli forces were also forced to kill a squad of Hamas militants who opened fire upon them without provocation. 14 of those who were killed Monday were actively involved in carrying out terror attacks, said Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus.

Reports of Hamas militants using the Palestinian people as human shields was widely reported as well as the Palestinian Authority’s decision to incentivize this type of behavior at the Israeli border. Every penny in humanitarian aid the United States gives to the Palestinians should be clawed back until the Palestinian Authority reverses their decision to pay the families of Hamas militants who die carrying out terror attacks.  When one becomes a terrorist, they do so at their own peril.

Israel has reaffirmed they only use live fire as a last resort. Israeli snipers are instructed to aim for the legs of those whom are deemed a threat and can only shoot upon approval from a commander.

The United States government came to the defense of Israel and the actions Israel took in order to secure their border. This is a stark contrast to the America’s mainstream media narrative which characterized the Palestinian rioters as victims of Israeli forces. Many in the media attempted to make it appears as if Israel forces were indiscriminately shooting peaceful protesters, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Israel was defending its borders from a terrorist organization, one that is roundly recognized as such throughout the modern world.

The mainstream media has been in overdrive in their decision to sympathize and ultimately side with a terrorist organization, Hamas, over Israel, a staunch ally to the United States and the stand-alone democracy within the Middle East.

Björn Stritzel, reporter for the German tabloid BILD, tweeted images of Hamas terrorists that were killed in the riots and labeled them “martyrdom pictures.” Yes, he already KNEW they were terrorists but still sympathized with their self-inflicted demise.

Björn Stritzel‏Verified account @bjoernstritzel May 15

Gaza: First martyrdom pictures coming in, ten killed were members of Hamas’ internal security apparatus.


A “martyr” is someone that is killed because of their religious beliefs; NONE of the people killed in Gaza’s riots Monday are martyrs. Israeli soldiers did not shoot anyone on the grounds of religious beliefs however, they did shoot people on the grounds of self-defense.

Many members of the mainstream media choose to pretend as if the anti-Semitic words that come from Palestinians rioters are nothing more than hyperbole, regardless of them telling the media they mean their words literally.

NPR had conducted an interview with one of the Palestinian rioters on Tuesday. The young Palestinian man bragged about putting swastikas on flaming kites, then flying them into Israeli territory. “Jews go crazy for Hitler when they see it,” said the young Palestinian living in Gaza.

The NPR interviewer, Steve Inskeep, asked, “The Israelis know that you are flying kites with swastikas. They know this, and they use it to discredit you, to say, this shows that you’re bad people. What do you think about that?”

“This is actually what we want them to know, that we want to burn them,” said the young Palestinian, igniting a recollection of the Holocaust.

Anti-Semitic words were abound in the Gaza Strip during these Hamas inspired riots. We did not hear a single anti-Semitic word coming from a single Israeli nor the Israeli government. But that did not stop a staff writer by the name of Isaac Chotiner from accusing Bibi Netanyahu from befriending anti-Semites and ignoring the Palestinians. Yes, the anti-Semite he accused Netanyahu of befriending is United Stated President Donald Trump, which of course if utterly ridiculous and intellectually dishonest, to say the very least. Then again, this is Slate we are talking about.

According to the rhetoric on the Gaza Strip during these riots, it appears that Netanyahu has pushed back the anti-Semites among the Palestinian population while embracing Donald Trump who has presided over the lowest African-American unemployment rate in American history. I appears that Mr. Chotiner has reversed reality in his pursuit of effective liberal-progressive propaganda tactics. He spun the information so much that he ended up on the wrong side of reality. Ironically, whether he realizes it or not, he is now serving as a propaganda arm for actual anti-Semites, the Hamas terror organization. It’s truly amazing to watch the mainstream media become unwitting propaganda arms in their pursuit to push their own political agenda and insert a dishonest narrative.